Meghan Markle Reportedly Feels Like She's 'Existing, Not Living' In Her New Life As Duchess

Meghan Markle seemed to find her fairy tale love story with Prince Harry. But it wasn't long before the couple realized that the media wasn't going to make their lives easy for them to enjoy in peace. For royal fans, it's not news to hear about drama with Markle's American family, nor is it surprising to hear rumblings and rumors of tensions between the royals due to Meghan.

But what seems to have changed is the duchess's willingness to open up about what it's really been like for her behind the scenes. In addition, Radar Online reported on Meghan's struggles, as she apparently feels like she's "existing, not living."

These claims were made by Tom Bradby, ITV broadcaster, who shared his perceptions of what the couple is going through.

"[I] couldn't quite shake a sense of sadness, too, at the over powerful impression that this young family, happy in themselves, is struggling to adapt," he said. "[They] came across as more vulnerable and bruised than the spoilt, petulant, arrogant and entitled caricatures sometimes tied to the public whipping post."

The narrative that Meghan is spoiled has played out in the media for months, with many rumored dramatic moments surrounding their royal wedding.

"Another human story gradually emerged, of a couple who clearly feel under the most extreme pressure and seem, at times, to be buckling under pressure," said Bradby.

In addition, Bradby brought up the rumors about Meghan and the rest of the royal family.

"Difficulties splits and tensions within the wider royal family" weren't "exaggerated or untrue," he asserted.

Considering that Meghan recently got candid about what she's been going through, Bradby's claims seem to be on-point. What happens next, however, is hard to know.

There's been plenty of rumblings about the pair potentially moving out of the U.K. These rumors have included the royals supposedly moving to Los Angeles, Africa, and Canada.

And with all of the stress that the couple may be experiencing, it's likely not helpful that they're dealing with Meghan's dad, Thomas, and his decision to release a private letter to the Daily Mail. Since then, the couple have decided to sue the British newspapers for a variety of misdeeds, including phone hacking, according to Cosmopolitan.

Royal fans will have to wait and see what, if anything, comes out of the legal action. And in the case of the private letter, the downside is that the item has already been published, so there's no way to erase that from the public's memory.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, it doesn't look like his battle with the media is anywhere near over.