AEW News: Enzo Amore Takes Another Shot At AEW Star Over Recent Claims About Big Cass


The long-brewing saga between former WWE superstar Enzo Amore and current AEW performer Joey Janela continues to develop. The pair have been at odds with each other for months, and the beef doesn’t appear to be settling down anytime soon.

Amore took to Twitter over the weekend to comment on an alleged altercation between Janela and Big Cass. Amore and Cass have been friends and tag team partners since their days in WWE, so it’s unsurprising to learn that the former Cruiserweight Champion is siding with his ally.

“I addressed the drunk fantasy portrayal of an atercation already, no one laid a hand on anyone. We saw the tape, but when you speak about a man who’s currently in a rehab in an effort to gain more views, notoriety, & attention. You have 0 class or credibility. I’m disgusted.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Janela claimed that Cass chased him around the locker room at an independent show, where he threatened to “kill” the current AEW star.

Cass’ problems of late have been well documented. The former WWE star has opened up about his mental health issues and drinking problems during his time with the company, and now he appears to be trying to get his life back on track.

The alleged incident between Janela and Cass stemmed from a previous altercation between Janela and Amore, which took place at a Blink-182 and Lil Wayne concert earlier this year. The pair supposedly got into a fight at the gig after exchanging words on Twitter, but they were split up before it got too physical.

Since their reported showdown at the concert, Amore and Janela have bumped into each other and the encounter was apparently more positive. As noted by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Janela told The Young Bucks about their second meeting on the latest episode of their Being the Elite series.

Janela claims the encounter happened a few weeks ago and involved Amore offering him a big hug. According to Janela, Amore insinuated that their confrontation at the concert was a work, to which the AEW star responded by saying, “Dude, no. I was drunk and I really tried to fight you.”

The pair’s brief period of civility might be over now following the latest development, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves from here. Earlier this year, Janela challenged his real-life rival to a mixed-martial arts fight on Twitter. If Amore really wants to make some money with Janela, that fight could always be an option.