October 21, 2019
Ashley Alexiss Gets Naked & Sandy At The Beach In A Flirty New Instagram Pic

Ashley Alexiss seems to be on a major roll lately on Instagram, as she unveils one eye-catching photo after another. Today, the model has already posted a selfie video but took it to a whole new level with a second update.

This photo showed the model lounging at the beach, as she went completely nude. She lie down on her stomach and showed off her curvy booty, which was covered in white sand. Alexiss managed to censor her chest by posing strategically and propped herself up on her elbows.

Ashley was spotted wearing a pair of dark, heart-shaped sunglasses. She also wore her hair in a couple of French braids, which fell down the front of her right shoulder.

Behind the model, you could see a stretch of sandy beach, which gave way to a blue ocean.

This risqué update has been liked 6,000 times so far in the first 15 minutes since it went live, and fans had plenty to say about the model's good looks. The photo can't be shared here because it's too revealing, but you can check it out on Alexiss' Instagram page.

Many of Alexiss' fans were distracted by her sandy booty.

"Makes me think of a song lyric, pour some sugar on it! Lol," joked a fan.

"All I can think about is the sand in ouchie places But this beautiful!" said another fan.

Others focused on her good looks.

"Your beauty enchants me," said a follower.

"Whoa! Just whooooaaaaa!" exclaimed another follower.

"God bless your curves and all the best feature of you," said a fan.

It's also worth noting that Alexiss promoted her 2020 calendar in the captions. And although she wasn't clear about whether this photo is featured in the calendar or not, it's possible that it is.

In addition to the posts, Ashley has been sharing Instagram stories with her fans. One of them was a selfie video, where the model pursed her lips while wearing a dark shirt. She wore her hair down and over her right shoulder as her luxurious curls cascaded down.

"Just a sleepy girl with a busy schedule," she said in the captions.

Plus, she shared a funny graphic of a woman who forced her stomach into her leggings.

The model previously opened up to Voyage LA about her career and her outlook on success.

"I believe PEOPLE can accomplish anything they set their mind to. It's about the passion, determination, and inner strength of the individual seeking a specific opportunity," she said.

For those who can't get enough of this curvy model, check out a post of her giving fans an eyeful of cleavage.