‘Counting On’ Preview Reveals Another Duggar Is Likely In A Courtship

Is there really a Duggar boy courting right now?

Counting On star Jason Duggar.
Duggar Family / Instagram

Is there really a Duggar boy courting right now?

Babies are coming fast and furious in the Duggar family, but the preview for Tuesday’s Counting On reveals that there could be another courtship on the horizon as well. While most fans are still holding out hope that Jana Duggar will be the next in line for a little romance, it looks like it will be one of the boys who may be on his way to being a wedded husband.

The previews after last Tuesday’s new season premiere of Counting On had the Duggar boys sitting outside talking. The subject of courting comes up among Jason, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah. TV Guide confirmed that the October 22 episode will have the brothers heading out on a road trip together. It also teases that this could very well be their last one before one of the eligible bachelors heads into an official courtship. It sounds like one of them already has his eye on a girl and is ready to take the next step.

If it is indeed true that this episode will reveal a courtship coming, that means that the couple may just be ready for marriage since filming has already happened weeks ago. Who is the likely guy who may snag himself a girl this time?

There have been rumors swirling the past few months that it is Jason Duggar who will be the next one courting. Who is the girl that catches his eye, if it is him? The chatter among Duggar fans is that he is courting Kendra’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell. The 19-year-old also popped up recently on Joe and Kendra’s Instagram, as The Inquisitr had reported.

Kendra is almost due to deliver her baby girl and her baby bump is front and center in the photo. It’s rare to see much of any of the Caldwell’s on their social media account, but Kendra decided to showcase her sis on Friday. Could that be a sign that love is in the air for Lauren with one of Joe’s brothers?

If Lauren Caldwell is courting, and eventually marries a Duggar boy, there would be two Lauren Duggars in the family. Josiah married a Lauren, who is also pregnant and due very close to Kendra. That is definitely keeping it all in the family if this all plays out the way Duggar fans think it will. If it’s not Jason, the next likely boys would be twins Jeremiah or Jedidiah.

A possible new Duggar courtship will be revealed on Tuesday, October 22, on TLC. There may even be an announcement before the episode airs this week as the reality stars usually make courtships, engagements, and pregnancy announcements official either in the news media or on their social media accounts.