Miley Cyrus' Hot Sister Brandi Winds Down The Weekend With A Naked Clay Bath On Instagram

Brandi Cyrus has been relaxing. The 32-year-old sister to superstar singer Miley Cyrus might be lower-profile compared to her sibling, but she's still got a celebrity status. The DJ and fashion editor updated her Instagram just as the weekend was wrapping up, with a photo that seemed to show that she'd been pampering herself. Meanwhile, Miley has been working out. A warrior workout session in a spandex sports bra today saw Miley flaunt her rock-hard abs.

Brandi's photo today showed her soaking up the bubbles and unclothed in her bath. The blonde had been professionally photographed – the snap was a promotional one – but there was a carefree feel to the image by virtue of Brandi seen cozying up to her dog. Brandi was seen photographed relatively close up, with fans likely noticing the star's beautiful smile as she looked down at her pup. Brandi appeared with minimal makeup, plus her long blonde hair tied up into a bun with a green scrunchie. A caption-mentioned face mask appeared on Brandi's face – as she had stated, the mask was a clay one, affording an even more pampering finish. The words also mentioned Brandi's dog Astra – as fans are likely aware, the star's four-legged friend has been featuring quite a lot on her social media.

Brandi seemed to have taken the animal-loving route seriously, with mentions of the product she was using being cruelty-free. Fans were then offered a discount code for the mask.

Brandi has featured a fair amount on social media with sister Miley of late. The "Slide Away" singer recently visited Nevada's deserts following a performance in Las Vegas, with mom Tish tagging along. Photos of the threesome enjoying quality time together appeared on Miley's feed, with snaps also popping up on Tish's Instagram.

Brandi has mentioned Miley in interviews. A feature with Bravo TV saw Brandi reflect on her younger sibling.

"Miley is crazy, and a lot of the things she does are things that should not make any sense to be in houses," Brandi said.

"And a lot of times when you first hear what she's going to do, we're like, 'Oh gosh.' And then you see it, and you're like 'Wow, that is really, really cool.' She's very creative, she does things no one else would do, and the last house that she's just moved into she redid completely on her own, and I was so surprised at how much I loved it," she added.

Miley and Brandi also have a younger sister. Noah has been making waves on Instagram for getting a little raunchy, although her updates have also included some beautiful and touching snaps. The 19-year-old recently wowed her followers by rocking a denim crop top and cowboy hat in a field.