October 20, 2019
Mitt Romney Slams Donald Trump's Lack Of 'Honor' For Paying For Sex With Adult Film Star

Mitt Romney attacked Donald Trump's lack of honor in a new interview, saying that Trump was morally wrong for having an extramarital affair with an adult film star --- and paying for it.

The Utah Senator sounded off on the president during an interview with Axios that aired on Sunday. In the interview, Romney was asked if he thought that Trump was an honorable man and gave something of a mixed answer. While Romney did say he was sure that Trump had some kind of honor in his life --- though he couldn't say exactly what that would be --- he took aim at the president for his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. Trump is accused of having an affair with Daniels back in 2006, months after wife Melania gave birth to their son.

"He has elements, I'm sure, of honor in his life," Romney said.

"And there's things that I think are not honorable. And I mention that because of the payment to a porn star for sexual relations outside of marriage. Look, I'm one of those who believes that we have a responsibility to be honorable and faithful to our wives."
The payment to Stormy Daniels has landed Trump's former personal lawyer in prison. Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud for concealing the payment, which constituted a campaign contribution because the money to keep her quiet about the affair was determined to be a measure to help Trump's presidential campaign. Trump was named in the plea deal for Cohen, leading legal experts to believe that Trump could face charges of his own once he is out of office.

Romney also took more veiled shots at Trump when discussing the importance of character in politics, saying that Americans need leaders who will unite them, ones who "welcome people who come here legally as immigrants, that in no way signal to anybody in America that they're less of an American because of where they came from or their sexual orientation or their race or their religion."

Romney has been one of Donald Trump's biggest critics on the right, taking aim at Trump dating back to the 2016 presidential campaign. Romney even encouraged Republicans to stop Trump in the primary that year, giving a major speech in March in which he urged voters to oppose Trump in the remaining primaries and caucuses to deny him the nomination.

Mitt Romney, in turn, became a major target for Donald Trump. As The Inquisitr noted, Trump took aim at Romney this week, calling him a "Democrat secret asset" and calling on Republicans to unite against him.