Swedish Bombshell Anna Nyström Sizzles In A Skintight Pink Yoga Set

anna nystrom pink top selfie
Anna Nyström / Instagram

Swedish bombshell Anna Nyström pleased her fans over the weekend when she posted a picture wearing a pink skintight athleisure set. The clothes hugged every curve of the fitness model’s figure, making her fans go wild.

The blonde beauty is known for her incredible body, and she often posts pictures showcasing her toned limbs in yoga clothing. However, fans can never seem to get enough, which is part of the reason that the Scandinavian stunner currently boasts over 8.3 million followers.

In her most recent shot, she stands in a scenic forest, with the sun glimmering through the pines. Anna stands in the middle of the frame, wearing her pink ensemble. The top features long sleeves and a crewneck neckline. To show off her taut midriff, Anna made sure to tie the top in a knot just under her bust-line.

Her matching pants are tight and high-waisted, showcasing her hourglass figure and hugging every curve. The fitness model completed the look with a half-up, half-down braided hairstyle and black and white Nike sneakers. A barbell rests at her feet.

Fans loved the shot and awarded it around 117,000 likes and over 1,300 comments within six hours of posting.

In her caption, Anna asked her fans about what else she could post to help inspire people to take control of their fitness.

The topic has recently been on her mind, as she had previously discussed in another Instagram caption her advice on how to get started on a fitness journey, especially when it was difficult to muster up the motivation to hit the gym. She wore a similar pair of pink yoga pants in the post, as covered by The Inquisitr.

“I remember when I started going, and my goal was actually to just do “something active” during the day. If I just went to the gym and did something, just pushing me to do something it would at least be something,” she wrote.

“Just get the routine to go to the gym, do something I felt like doing… and then leaving the gym with a feeling that I actually went, felt proud, and was looking forward to my next workout.”

“That was more important for me than going all in with too much pressure on myself or TOO much expectations of quick results,” she concluded.

Anna wrote that she believed this method was key to keeping her invested in her fitness, as a good balance was sustainable in the way that an extreme exercise routine would not be.

Anna added that once she had found her rhythm in her gym routine, she started to feel more and more confident, which led her to push herself more and more.

She concluded that though results were not always immediate and took time, the gains that she saw made her feel excited about working out, which in turn made “time [fly.]”