October 20, 2019
Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Pulls Down Her Bikini Bottoms, Then Balances A Barbell On Her Butt

Suzy Cortez has been busy on Instagram today. Miss BumBum has 2 million followers on the platform, with fans appearing to sign up for the regular reminders of why this Brazilian won her Miss BumBum status back in 2015 – and then again just recently with her Miss BumBum World 2019 win.

Suzy has gone completely bare-bootied on Instagram, although today's updates have brought slightly more clothing.

Suzy appeared to post several images from the same shoot. The first showed the star shot full-frontal and rocking a fun and colorful wardrobe. Suzy appeared in a red and yellow crop top, with the colors matching a pair of knee-high socks also boasting blue shades. The look was a fully coordinating one, with Suzy also seen rocking blue bikini bottoms. Suzy did seem to be toying with her viewers. The brunette was seen pulling down her bottoms, although the expression she had was a poker face. The image seemed to tick boxes for showcasing the star's rock-hard body, with fans seeing Suzy's killer abs, built quads, and sculpted arms and shoulders. The star appeared with her long brown hair worn down and falling near her waist.

Suzy quickly followed her image with a second. Here, the star was seen in the same outfit but she changed her pose and is seen on her knees. She finished her wardrobe with a pair of heeled boots. The standout feature may well have been the star's rear, but a giant barbell resting on her behind likely drew the eyes.

Both updates quickly proved popular. The first racked up more than 4,600 likes in the space of an hour, with the second racking up a little more; over 6,300 likes were clocked in the same time frame.
Suzy's career seems all set. The model garners thousands of comments on her posts, with Suzy also seen making public appearances on television. The only downside for Anglophones is that the majority of Suzy's captions come in her native Portuguese. Still, that doesn't stop the English speakers from leaving comments, with responses to Suzy's posts generally seeing a mixture of Portuguese and English replies.
The odd post from Suzy will bring a caption in English, though. A recent Instagram update from the star did just that, with Suzy reminding her followers that they can access more content from her for a fee.

"Enjoy my private platform to see all my premium content!" Suzy wrote, before adding her website address.

"THE BEST ONE ONLY FANS," she added.

Fans wishing to see more of Suzy should follow her Instagram.