Ashley Alexiss Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Cleavage In A ‘CEO’ Swimsuit

Ashley Alexiss wears a swimsuit.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Ashley Alexiss is keeping things steamy on her Instagram page with a new update that’s all about her curvy figure.

The photo showed the model posing in front of a bright, white backdrop. She wore a white swimsuit with a low scoop neckline, which read “CEO,000,000” in the front. The font featured a colorful, tropical design in blue, yellow, and red.

Alexiss posed for the shot by placing her hands on her head, as she tilted her chin back. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips for a sultry look. The model wore her hair down in tight curls, which fell around the front of her shoulders.

The pose meant that Ashley thrust her chest forward, giving fans an eyeful of cleavage. Plus, the white-on-white effect of her swimsuit and backdrop emphasized her hourglass figure.

You can check out the photo on her Instagram page. It’s been liked over 37,000 times, with many of her fans commenting on her flirty captions.

“Your favorite position tho?” joked a fan.

“I can see why!!!! My favorite too!!!!!!” exclaimed another fan.

“Sweetie you are made for that position,” said a follower.

Other people focused on complimenting Ashley’s good looks.

“You have an amzing figure. Body goals thick and healthy,” noted a fan.

“Such an amazing and powerful picture! Just like you @ashalexiss!” said another fan.

Since this update, Alexiss also shared another update. This time, it was a selfie video, as she appeared to be on-set getting her makeup done. The captions referred to Harry Potter, most likely because the model sported round glasses.

In the short clip, Ashley also sported bright red lipstick, which a makeup artist was applying, along with a black hat. She wore her hair in two pigtails, which were secured with red plaid ribbon. Followers will have to wait and see if she releases more updates from this photoshoot in the near future.

Fans have gotten to know the many sides of Alexiss through her social media posts, but she also previously opened up to Ask Men about the worst thing a guy could do on a date.

“The worst thing is to try and be funny and fail. I love a man who can make me laugh, but us girls can tell when you’re trying too hard. Just be yourself. Don’t tell lame jokes. We’re already on the date, remind us why we shouldn’t make our friends call us in an ’emergency.’ :),” she said.

And for those that can’t get enough of this curvy model, check out her earlier post, where she rocked black lingerie.