Kate Beckinsale Examines Candy In Unbuttoned Nightie & Instagram Is In Love

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Kate Beckinsale appears to love candy. The Pearl Harbor actress updated her Instagram recently with plenty of the sweet treats, and she seemed to be relishing the whole experience. Kate's social media definitely features some unusual posts as of late. The actress recently revealed her vagina name on Instagram, although today's post had nothing to do with body parts. Kate appeared to have been the recipient of a ton of sweets, with her caption even mentioning that the "girl" inside her always responds well to candy.

The video showed Kate looking pretty dolled-up; at least, she seemed to be in the process of getting there. She was sitting barefoot on a chair and wearing a white nightie with ruffled details at the hem and sleeve. Fans will likely have noticed that the gown was unbuttoned, although Kate wasn't showing anything too racy. The star was somewhat of a bombshell-in-the-making with hair up in curlers. A full face of makeup accentuated her pretty features.

The video was about the candy, though. Kate was seen unwrapping various items in paper bags and examining the contents. Fans saw all kinds of candy, although Kate's sheer excitement was likely the draw here.

"Omg, omg! Is that Fruit Salad?" Kate asked.

Americans may be less familiar with this chewy candy, but it's hugely popular in the U.K. That said, Fruit Salad is considered somewhat of a childhood treat in Britain.

"You're so beautiful," one fan wrote.

"How excited was I when you got the Parma Violets out? Then you say they are only for old men...The heartbreak...," one user wrote with a touch of sarcasm.

"Always making me smile with a smile," a user told the star.

"All I have to offer is my heart...good enough?" another commented.

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