October 21, 2019
Demi Rose Reveals Major Skin Under An Open Robe To 'Bless' Your Sunday

Demi Rose shared a new Instagram photo today that's likely to catch her fans' attention, considering that she showed off a lot of skin. The post showed her posing outdoors as she stood barefoot on a tan rock formation.

The model wore small, black bikini bottoms along with a white robe. She didn't wear a bikini top, however, opting only for heart-shaped pasties. Rose was previously spotted in a series of Instagram stories wearing the same pasties. However, she also wore a barely there bikini top in the older updates. So this new post is arguably more revealing, as she left her chest exposed this time, opting out of a top.

At the time, Rose also revealed that she was heading to Red Rock Canyon, but it was hard to know what she was doing there. Now, it's apparent that Demi headed there for a photo shoot, with this being her first post from the session.

The white robe that she wore featured gold trim on the edges, and Rose pulled the hood over her head. She stood with her left leg slightly popped and closed her eyes. Her hair could be seen in front of her right shoulder, and she wore her tresses down in luxurious curls.

This update is proving to be popular, as it's been liked over 105,000 times since having been posted a mere 20 minutes ago.

In addition to the sultry update, Rose has been sharing a series of Instagram stories. These included a couple of shots of her meals, which is something she often posts for her fans to see. One dish she took a photo of was a tofu bean salad, which was very colorful, incorporating what appeared to be red peppers and yellow corn. She also shared a video of herself pouring matcha latte into a glass.

On the other hand, Demi's newest story hinged around her small brown dog. Her dog's name is Teddy, and it looked cozy sitting on a blue blanket.

Rose has been busy on her Twitter feed as of late, and she's been retweeting many messages about love, letting go, and old friends. After all, she and her ex-boyfriend, DJ Martinez, recently revealed that they were parting ways.

Several days ago, Rose shared a couple of pieces of advice.

"Follow your heart. Do things you desire not what you think you should desire," she said.

"Check yourself, are you feeding your heart or your ego?" she also asked.

Fans can keep an eye on Demi's social media feeds for updates in the coming days. Also, fans can hope for more revealing photos from the Red Rock photo shoot.