Dolly Castro Gets Flirty In A Sheer Bustier & Her Fans Are Loving The Look

Dolly Castro takes a selfie.
Dolly Castro / Instagram

Dolly Castro shared a new Instagram post today, and she looked flirty in a sheer bustier.

The model was spotted wearing a colorful outfit. It consisted of a light blue jacket, forest green pants, and a dark peach bustier. The bustier was eye-catching, considering that it hugged her curves. It was also sheer and lacy, which let Dolly show off her cleavage.

She also wore a blazer on top, which was embellished with the words “Chanel” on the lapels. The lettering was in all-caps, and they were bedazzled. The brand name was echoed again in Dolly’s earrings, which were also sparkly. The jacket featured tortoiseshell buttons down the front, and it had a loose fit.

In addition, Castro wore high-waisted pants. They featured six silver buttons down the front. She kept the colorful theme rolling with her eyeshadow, which seemingly matched her bustier. Her lips were glossy and outlined with lip liner. She wore her hair down in a middle part but brushed her locks behind her shoulder. She added another pop of color with her lavender manicure.

Beside her, you could see a light peach-colored Chanel bag. Dolly placed her right hand on the edge of the dresser beside her and placed her other hand on her hip.

The post was geotagged in Laguna Beach, California. It’s already received over 11,000 likes in the first hour it went live. Fans also left plenty of compliments for the model in the comments section.

“Nice bling bling,” said a fan.

“How can I search for your top?” wondered another fan.

One fan, however, seemed to miss the mark completely.

“Look like 36,” they said, which was presumably a compliment as they used fire, kissing lips, and red heart emoji.

However, considering Castro is only 35-years-old, it’s not much of a compliment at all. The model fired back with a quick response.

“You look like 90,” she said.

In addition to the new post, Castro shared the outcome of her blazer dress giveaway via her Instagram stories. The social media sensation has been doing something new lately, and her recent posts were all giveaways for the various outfits that she modeled. Dolly also re-posted the winner’s comment on her post.

“Such a hot woman,” they said.

“Thank you muñeca,” responded Castro.

The latest winner won the look that Dolly showed off yesterday. In that update, she was spotted going braless in a black blazer dress, which was embellished with white thread tassels.