Tamra Judge Fires Back At Viewers Who Said She Wouldn’t Quit The Show For Her Daughter

Tamra Judge appears on Watch What Happens Live
Charles Sykes / Bravo

Viewers and fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County are probably aware of the estranged relationship between Tamra Judge and her daughter, Sidney Barney. The mother and daughter have struggled for years to be amicable, and recently, a viewer asked Tamra if she would leave the show if Sidney asked her to. Basically, would Tamra quit the show for the sake of her relationship with her daughter? The question was asked live on the air last Tuesday during Tamra’s Watch What Happens Live appearance.

“Yes. Yeah, absolutely,” Tamra responded.

Whether Tamra was sincere in her response or not, some WWHL viewers and those who read about Tamra’s response the next day didn’t believe the RHOC star one bit. A Real Housewives Instagram account (which is not associated with the show itself or Bravo), posted about Tamra’s response, which caused many users to express their doubts in the comments section. Once Tamra caught wind of these comments, she decided to type up a response of her own.

“This has nothing to do with the show. People love to make assumptions. Spencer chose to live with me full time and Sidney chose to live with her dad,” Tamra began.

Viewers have seen Tamra’s son, Spencer, several times on this season of RHOC, focusing mostly on his issues with Tamra’s other son, Ryan Vieth.

“Divorce is a horrible thing on children,” she continued. “Only our family knows the facts and if people want to mom Shame me for things they know nothing about then all I have to say is I hope it never happens to them. 20 million people are effected by this.”

There were plenty of responses left under Tamra’s own comment, which were split down the middle between support and skepticism.

Tamra and Sidney’s father, Simon Barney, divorced in 2011, and Sidney decided to live with her father full-time. Things were never great between the mother and her daughter, but in 2017, it was revealed that Tamra went to Sidney’s high school graduation. Sidney had asked that her mother not post any photos from the day on social media, but two weeks after, Tamra caved and shared a post proving she was there.

This further divided the duo, as Sidney explained in a Facebook post how upset she was that her mother went against her wishes when they were trying to mend things. Tamra has admitted to texting Sidney once a month but says she never gets a response.

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