WWE Rumors: Unhappy Superstar Reportedly Wants To ‘Move On’

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Luke Harper‘s unhappiness with his position in WWE is well documented. The 39-year-old superstar requested his release from the company via a Twitter post back in April, but he was denied, and the wrestler has remained unused, for the most part, ever since.

As detailed by Sportskeeda, Tom Colohue appeared on the website’s podcast to share his knowledge of Harper’s current backstage situation. He revealed that not much has changed since April, claiming that the former Wyatt Family member still wants to be released from his contract.

“He is not happy. That’s not changed. He has been put in a very difficult position in that they don’t use him but won’t let him leave, and so we’re going to get moments where he tries to force their hand, which is something that has happened recently on Twitter, for example. He wants to move on. He wants to be used.”

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Harper recently voiced his frustrations with the company in his Twitter biography. He revealed that he’d almost been fined, and was reportedly forced to edit his profile afterwards. As noted by Colohue, however, his recent return was only temporary.

“[T]o my knowledge, at the moment there is no plan for Luke Harper. He was pulled in late just as a way to pop that story, make it very concise, and wrap it up in a neat little bow.”

The team of Harper and Rowan dates all the way back to 2012, where they were members of the Wyatt Family. In the years that followed, both superstars received stop-start pushes, only to eventually reform as The Bludgeon Brothers and enjoy success on SmackDown Live.

Harper recently returned to WWE television to help Erick Rowan in his feud with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. However, he wasn’t a part of the recent WWE draft, and doesn’t have an allocated brand at the time of this writing.

Harper reportedly hasn’t signed a new deal with the company, but as The Inquisitr recently documented, he was one of a few superstars whose contract had more months added to it by WWE to make up for time off due to injuries.

With the superstar seemingly stuck in creative limbo, WWE seems content to let him see out his contract, as opposed to granting him his release. The company has been less eager to let go of unused performers ever since All Elite Wrestling burst onto the scene earlier this year to provide legitimate competition.