Chanel West Coast Looks Smoking Hot In Tiny Checkered Shorts At High School Basketball Game

Chanel West Coast has been getting sporty. The "Sharon Stoned" rapper and Ridiculousness star recently took to her Instagram stories to chronicle a visit to her old high school. she rocked up to her alma mater in a plunging white swimsuit, although she seemed to have slipped into something more appropriate for the celebrity basketball game for which she participated. The 31-year-old returned to the platform via her stories with updates straight from the game during which Chanel seemed to have fun.

Chanel's stories showed her both on and off the court. The star seemed to be full of energetic route but one photo did show the rapper chilling courtside. This snap afforded a fantastic view of the star's outfit for which Chanel was rocking a colorful look that flaunted her fit and curvy frame. She was wearing a loose tank that was white with red and black checkered details that matched her tiny pair of shorts.

Chanel's seated position seemed perfect for showcasing her toned legs as she wore a black pair of sneakers to coordinate her look. She posed with her pal who looked glam pose as she hid behind a pair of shades.

Chanel's career seems to be on the upswing. The singer has been releasing music throughout this past year, and fans who had previously made fun of the star's iconic laugh perhaps doing some reconsidering to take Chanel seriously as an artist.That said, Chanel has opened up about her famous laugh, having claimed she is not alone in the world of celebrities who also offer unique laughs.

"People for some reason can't put two personalities together. If you actually go [sic] Google... Adele has the goofiest laugh ever. Wiz Khalifa has the goofiest laugh ever, but you know them for being artists. Nobody's gonna care that they got a goofy laugh. Me, on the other hand, you know me for my goofy laugh first, so then going and hearing my music as art... I just think a lot of people like to hate on me," Chanel told Too Fab.

Chanel has also spoken out about being a woman in the hip-hop industry, appearing to feel that there is still gender inequality. While that may be the case, the industry is currently behind women who succeed, with hitmakers such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B topping the charts.

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