Unlikely: rumors spread of sheep with human face

A picture of a “sheep with a human face” has been making the internet rounds, and it seems even news outlets can’t help but speculate on the alleged animal’s parentage.

While the picture itself is likely a fake, it’s shocking that some mainstream news outlets are speculating that the strange picture resulted from human-goat relations. From a Fox affiliate:

A sheep in a Turkish village recently gave birth to a dead lamb that appeared to have a human-like face. Officials believe the lamb was the result of a relationship between the female goat and a man.

…which we all know is scientifically impossible. Right? Don’t we? Don’t we know that? More reasonable news outlets have speculated that if the photo is real, the lamb’s strange appearance resulted from a Vitamin A deficiency and not any human on sheep sex. However, we’ll never know for sure because the angry villagers conveniently burned the sheep with a human face’s body, believing it to be evil.