Samsung Outspent Apple On Mobile Ads In 2012

Samsung won the mobile advertising space in 2012, spending $68 million more than Apple in 2012.

Samsung spent $401 million on US TV, internet, print, and billboard advertising in 2012, all of which was directed towards its successful and growing smartphone business.

In 2011, Samsung spent just $78 million on its mobile phone advertising efforts, marking a quintupling of its marketing budget.

In comparison, Apple increased its advertising budget from $253 million to $333 million. In third place was HTC’s spending of $46 million. As HTC continues to struggle in its mobile space, the company’s numbers shrunk from $124 million spent on ads in 2011.

Samsung spent its mobile advertising budget on a line of highly successful Google Android devices. The Samsung ad spend included the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II, among other devices.

Samsung has spent its budget on successful campaigns that includes its “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” campaign. That ad spot directly attacks Apple’s iPhone line by showcasing its missing features such as the lack of NFC wireless technology support.

Samsung’s mobile advertising also included “below the line” marketing for in-store displays and various other promotions.

The Google Android OS has become the best selling mobile OS in the world. With emerging markets now purchasing more cellular devices and competition likely to heat up when Google finally takes control of Motorola Mobility’s roadmap, the ad spend for Samsung and Apple is likely to increase.

Here is one of the ads from “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” series:

And here is a video ad focused purely on the Samsung Galaxy S III’s S Beam technology:

Do you think Samsung ultimately ran a successful ad campaign in 2012 or could that $401 million have been better spent? Do you think the company will spend even more in 2013 with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S IV on the horizon?