‘Car Masters’ Star Constance Nunes Sizzles In String Black Bikini & Boots, Showing Off Her Vintage Mustang

Constance Nunes poses for a selfie.
Constance Nunes / Instagram

Constance Nunes revved up her followers with her latest Instagram share. The bombshell left very little to the imagination when she posted a photo of herself alongside her vintage Mustang.

The Car Masters: Rust to Riches star looked smoking hot as she showed off not only her incredible figure but also “Babystang,” her 1964 Ford Mustang. According to Hot Cars, she works on this Mustang almost daily, seeking to keep it in mint condition. Constance bought the vehicle at the tender age of 16, and wanted to restore it using only 1964 parts.

Although there is a hot debate in the comments section about “Babystang,” most of the comments centered around Constance’s provocative outfit. Clad in the skimpiest of string bikinis, the model flaunted her famous hourglass figure in a black NSFW swimsuit. The 29-year-old’s bountiful cleavage was barely restrained by the bikini top, while the G-string showed off her toned legs and thighs.

Constance chose to keep her accessories to the bare minimum, opting to focus all attention on her flawless body. To that end, she accessorized with a simple gold chain and killer black boots, the latter having highlighted her strong legs. Her dark brown tresses cascaded down her back, and she appeared to be sporting a full face of makeup.

The multi-photo post shows two snaps of the social media influencer next to her favorite car. In the first, she poses while sitting on top of the hood. Constance thrusts her chest forward while turning her face upward in apparent ecstasy. In the second image, the Instagram model sits in the car’s door frame and looks directly at the camera. She sits on her haunches and looks absolutely seductive while promoting an energy drink in her hand.

Nunes has a massive following of over 370,000 fans who stalk her pages. She’s certainly one of the raciest car mechanics on the planet, and it’s easy to see why she’s captured so many people’s imaginations. The stunner frequently shares photos of herself in various outfits, snapshots which are often quite risque. Since posting the snap 10 hours ago, this particular image has already garnered close to 38,000 likes. Many users also took some time out to comment on the post.

Of course, a lot of Constance’s fans are car enthusiasts and loved the photos of “Babystang.”

“Wwwwwowwww (sic)! That mustang is a beauty!” one fan posted.

“Yea (sic) If you wouldn’t mind moving outa (sic) the way I wanna see the stang (sic),” another admirer wrote.

“Sitting at home eating ice cream in bed even though it’s 40° where I live,” another commenter noted.