Hilary Duff Shares Adorable Videos Of Her Daughter Banks Enjoying Greens & A Snack

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Roughly two hours ago Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff took to her Instagram stories to share a series of video clips of her daughter enjoying a green-stuffed meal. The video clips featured her daughter, Banks, sitting in a highchair with pureed greens smeared all over her and the highchair. Little Banks looked to be having a fabulous time enjoying her greens.

As the video clips progressed, Duff’s followers could hear the actress reveal her daughter was enjoying spinach and zucchini. She also handed her daughter a few raw green beans to enjoy as well. Duff could be heard making jokes about her daughter’s lack of a bib. The mother-of-two jested that a bib hardly served a purpose as her daughter always managed to find a way to make a mess.

One of the video clips featured Hilary backing up as her daughter was clearly not happy with her. She apologies to her daughter, while giggling, for making her mad. There was also a clip of little Banks spitting a significant amount of her chewed up greens back out into her hand. The angle of the camera made it a little unclear as to whether she slung the greens onto the floor or the highchair. As the video clips continued, little Banks became more and more covered in smears of chewed up greens as she appeared to be really enjoying her meal.

After several clips of Banks eating, Hilary also shared clips of her daughter sitting on the couch with a bowl that looked to have Cheerios in it as she watched television. Various nursery rhymes could be heard playing in the background.

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The video clips served a bit of a cuteness overload for her fans as her daughter Banks was surrounded. She had two dogs on either side of her intently watching her as she enjoyed her snack. The pup on the couch could be seen inching closer as he continued to sniff and search for dropped pieces of cereal. The larger dog on the floor also inched closer to the small tot on the couch while intently focusing on the child with the hopes of a piece of the cereal hitting the floor.

Duff could be heard joking in the background of the video clip that the “sharks were circling” her daughter hoping Banks would share “just one” piece of cereal with them. Toward the end of the series of clips, Banks dumps the few pieces left in her bowl onto the couch. It, however, looked to be accidental as Banks then searches the bowl and herself looking for additional cereal.

Hilary jokingly asks her daughter where her snack went and if she dumped all of it into the couch.