Emma Kenney Welcomes Fans To ‘Shameless’ Party With Sexy Instagram Snaps

Michael TullbergGetty Images

The Season 10 premiere of Shameless is fast approaching and Emma Kenney recently turned the heat up on fans via Instagram.

Kenney, who plays the role of Debbie Gallagher, reminded fans Season 10 premieres on November 10 before inviting everyone to join the “party.”

The sexy invitation came with Emma sharing five sexy snaps of herself in character. The cluster of photos featured Emma rocking a light red colored crop top with a black and white plaid jacket and daisy dukes that were secured to her waist with a woven brown belt. The actress held a red disposable cup in her hand that any Shameless fan would have guessed contained some sort of booze. The fingers of her other hand were entwined in the wiring of the fence as she leaned back against it.

The second of the five photos attracted a lot of attention from her fans based on the comments. The photo featured Emma now standing behind the fencing as she almost looked as if she was hanging from it. She still had the disposable cup in one hand with one leg kicked up into the air and her legs spread. Her other hand was wrapped around the end of the fencing as she threw her head back with a huge smile on her face while standing on one foot.

The third photo featured a more serious looking Kenney as her back was now facing the camera. Her plaid jacket was tied around her waist as she looked back over her shoulder at the camera.

The fourth photo is when things really get interesting as Shameless fans assume Emma’s character Debbie may have had too many of those disposable cups. The photo features Emma straddling the metal bar at the end of the fencing as she gazes off into the distance. A metal container with several plastic red cups as well as a cup sitting on a surface can be seen at the bottom of the frame in front of Emma.

Unfortunately for fans, the last photo is blurry and hard to make out. It features Emma’s backside and appears to have been a nice shot of her curvy booty. Emma still has the plastic cup in hand as she looks back over her shoulder once more at the camera.

Emma Kenney presently has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Many, who are Shameless fans, enjoyed the steamy array of poses by Debbie Gallagher. In fact, the photo accumulated over 100,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments in 24 hours.

“Love you emma i cant wait for season 10,” one follower penned in the comments.

Many of her other fans gushed about how attractive she was in this array of photos.