‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Is Being Watched & Fans Are Pretty Sure It’s Nikolas

General Hospital star Maura West.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Ava Jerome seems to have another secret admirer hanging around on General Hospital recently, and it’s not Ryan Chamberlain. Someone has been lurking around Port Charles seemingly watching Ava. Who could it be?

It certainly can’t be Ryan Chamberlain, as he has been a busy guy murdering his brand new cell mate at Pentonville, as seen on Friday’s show. During that time, Ava was having a private chat with Laura Collins. The mayor is concerned for Ava and she has every reason to be. She is drinking herself into a frenzy trying to forget all that has happened the past year, but she seems more jittery lately.

Coming up this week on General Hospital, Ava is expected to pass out. Soap Central also teases that she will return to the scene of a crime. Will she be visiting the cell where Ryan’s recent kill happened? Or is the spoiler talking about Kiki’s murder? There are so many crimes now in Port Charles, that it’s hard to pick out which one the spoiler is referring to.

Ava is expected to head back to her art gallery that she hasn’t been to in quite a while. That may be the place that is talked about. After all, that is where she found Mary Pat’s headless body last year. That was Ryan’s gift to her, but she had no idea that the man that she loved at the time was actually a serial killer.

Now there is someone following Ava. She told Laura that she felt like she was being watched. She was referring to Ryan’s obsession with her, but she is right that there is someone out there with their eyes on her.

The Inquisitr had detailed that Ryan is still obsessed with his “goddess” and killed Bryce because of her. Now she is totally freaked out and is so shocked that she will faint into Julian’s arms.

The majority of General Hospital fans believe that the person who is watching Ava Jerome will turn out to be Nikolas Cassadine. At least that is what they are so desperately hoping for. There have been rumors for a while now of his return. Since his name has been mentioned many times in the past few months, that possibility is highly likely.

Even if this does turn out to be Nikolas, it may end up being a recast from the original actor, Tyler Christopher.

Nikolas is also rumored to be the one who is in cahoots with Cassandra Pierce. Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see who seems to be stalking Ava Jerome.