Sofia Jamora Dons Black Thong Bikini & Suggests The Pics For Your Next Screensaver

Sofia Jamora wears a white top and jeans.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Sofia Jamora is keeping her Instagram fans updated with a series of new photos, with her newest showing her rocking a thong bikini.

In the first photo, Sofia was spotted posing in a shallow pool. She stood up and faced the camera while giving a fierce look. The bikini top was arguably a little small, but it managed to keep her assets in check.

The second photo was of Jamora facing her back to the camera, as she showed off her booty. She slicked her hair back and wore it down while keeping things simple in the accessories department with a thin necklace.

The pool featured a natural rock wall behind the model, with another building in the distance. Palm trees and green vegetation could be seen, along with a cloudy sky.

The update appears to be a hit with her fans, as it has garnered more than 36,000 likes in the first 25 minutes since it went live. Many people commented on the flirty captions, where Sofia suggested the images could be used as a screensaver.

“How did u know it would be my new screensaver,” said a fan.

“Your caption doesn’t make me feel guilty,” joked another fan.

Others focused on Jamora’s good looks.

“Thank you for blessing my eyes every time you post,” said a follower.

“Finest woman on the planet, there’s not even a close 2nd. Unreal,” gushed another follower.

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your new screensaver

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Fans that wish they knew how to use social media like Sofia would be glad to know that she shared some secrets with Frankies Bikinis. This brand notably discovered Sofia during a trunk show, and since then, she’s built an Instagram follower count of over 2.6 million people.

“The perfect post should be something you’re confident about sharing with the world. Whether it’s a picture of you, or food or family and friends, insta is a social media platform that people from all over the world are viewing so I say post with confidence and if I am posting a selfie it’s all about lighting, location, and outfit!” she explained.

In addition, Sofia shared an Instagram update a week ago where she wore an all-white outfit. It consisted of a crop top and matching pants. She hugged herself in the first shot and emphasized her cleavage. The second shot showed Sofia from the side, as one of the straps fell off her shoulder. Her purple eyeshadow popped, and she sported a high ponytail that was secured with an extra-thick and long hair tie.

Fans that can’t get enough of Jamora can check out her previous post where she posed in a thong bikini on a kitchen countertop.