Children With Down Syndrome Spread A Positive Message During New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week may have technically wrapped up more than a month ago, but the show is far from being over. This past week, new models stunned on the runway at Gigi’s Playhouse Fashion Show in New York. While it’s typical to see models that are tall, skinny, and fit a certain mold on the runway, these particular models were a little bit different. These models were children with down syndrome and they absolutely stunned on the runway, according to Today.

The models were of varying ages and backgrounds, but they all shared one thing in common — down syndrome. One was a little girl who clutched the hand of an adult as she strutted down the runway showing off her tutu. Another model was an older girl, who showed off a leopard print jacket and a t-shirt reading “love yourself” as she made her way down the runway to the applause of the many gathered in the audience.

Laura Lyle is 16-years-old and was one of the models in the show. She couldn’t help by smile broadly after her performance, knowing it was helping to raise more awareness about the capabilities of those with special needs.

“It was really fun. I loved walking down, showing everybody the outfits, and I feel like we’re making a difference,” she said.

Modern society has developed a certain mold for beauty that is highly unattainable and unrealistic. These models are helping to show the world that you don’t have to look a certain way or fill some sort of stereotype to be beautiful, talented, and successful.

Malik Jabbar is 15-years-old and was another model at the event. He has high hopes for the future in terms of more inclusiveness in the fashion world.

“We walked down the aisle, we see beautiful faces, and the smiles on (all of) us. In the future, we’ll all become the next top 10 models,” he said.

Fortunately, further acceptance for those with down syndrome has been fostered in recent years due to the hard work of those with special needs and even celebrities who have shown support for them. As The Inquisitr previously reported, in recent years, Jamie Foxx has promoted The Global Down Syndrome Foundation in support of his sister DeOndra Dixon, who has down syndrome.

“Lots of kids with down syndrome never get a chance to shine or chase their dreams. Each one has something to offer and each one has a dream,” Foxx said of those like his sister.