Dolly Castro Goes Braless Under A Low-Cut Blazer Dress On Instagram

Dolly Castro takes a selfie.
Dolly Castro / Instagram

Dolly Castro shared a new update on Instagram, and it was all about the blazer dress. The photo has been live for two hours, and it’s been liked over 14,000 times so far.

In the photo, Dolly posed while facing the camera. But thanks to the large, gold-framed mirror behind her, you could also see her look in the reflection. Her outfit consisted of a black blazer jacket that she wore as a dress. Castro opted to go without a bra or a shirt, which meant that her cleavage was on display. This is because the blazer was buttoned up, but it still offered a plunging neckline.

The blazer was also eye-catching, thanks to the unique threading accents on the top. It featured diamond-like patterns, which gave way to thin tassels that fell down past the jacket’s hemline.

Dolly stood with her left hand on her hips while crossing her legs. She wore a pair of black, high-heel sandals and accessorized with large, Chanel drop earrings.

Her makeup also offered a pop of color in the otherwise monochromatic look. She wore a bright eyeshadow in a peach, orange hue.

Fans let Castro know how great she looked in the comments section, as the model revealed that she is giving away the jacket she wore in the photo to a lucky winner.

While there were plenty of people that expressed their interest in winning the ensemble, others focused on sending their love.

“Sooo beautiful and flattering When your confidant…anything and everything looks good on!” exclaimed a fan.

“Love the outfit, really love the heels,” said another fan.

“Very beautiful and you have some beautiful legs,” complimented a follower.

But that wasn’t all, as fans kept the nice messages rolling.

“Gorgeous Thank you for motivating me every day! I absolutely admire you and love every outfit you wear!” gushed an Instagram user.

“Dollyyyy!!!!!! Breathtaking my queen,” said a fan.

In addition to the post, the model has been sharing a steady stream of Instagram stories. These included a video of her house, as she walked towards the sliding glass doors to give fans a good look at the yellow and orange sunset. The video also gave fans a look at her living room and kitchen area.

A couple more videos showed Castro getting a quick kiss from her husband, along with a clip of her dancing with him. In these updates, Dolly wore the tan-colored sweats that she wore in yesterday’s social media post.

For fans that can’t get enough of this Instagram bombshell, keep an eye on her page for more updates in the coming days.