Couple Put Razor Blades In Doughnuts

Couple Put Razor Blades In Doughnuts And Ate Them

A couple who put razor blades in doughnuts and then ate them has been arrested for plotting a lawsuit against a Utah grocery store.

Michael Condor, age 35, and his girlfriend Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, age 39, called police to report finding small bits of metal in their doughnuts. The couple had been to the hospital where x-rays revealed small pieces of razor blades present in their stomachs.

As reported by NBC News, detectives investigating the situation had their doubts about the couple’s story. The doughnuts were not made in the Smith’s Food and Drug store but were ordered from a different company. The doughnuts are delivered to the grocery store in packaging that is tamper-proof.

Condor and Leazer-Hardman were both employed at the Dollar Tree store which is in located in the same shopping plaza as Smith’s Food and Drug. They tried to share one of their razor blade doughnuts with a co-worker, but the woman felt the sharp metal in her mouth and spit it out. As reported by KUTV, the woman was unaware of the couple’s scheme.

Police report that the couple came up with the idea as they were facing increased financial problems. They allegedly planned to file a lawsuit against the grocery store, claiming that they were injured after eating doughnuts laced with razor blades.

Authorities became suspicious when the story was not adding up. The packaging was tamper-resistant and the store had not received any other complaints about their doughnuts. The couple was found to be dealing with numerous financial problems that may have prompted them to plant the razor blades, hoping for a large settlement.

Condor and Leazer-Hardman eventually admitted their plan to detectives and were arrested for the aggravated assault of the co-worker, and filing a false police report about the incident.

Authorities are stunned that a couple would put razor blades in doughnuts and then eat them just to make money.

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