Joy-Anna Duggar Is Welcomed Home By Son Gideon After Returning From Elk Hunting Trip

Joy-Anna Duggar has a sweet homecoming with son Gideon.

Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth at Christmas party.
Duggar Family / Facebook

Joy-Anna Duggar has a sweet homecoming with son Gideon.

Joy-Anna Duggar is happy to be back home in Arkansas. She is especially happy to see her adorable son, Gideon, 1, and it looks like he is just as thrilled to have his mama back as well. The Counting On star had been spending some time in Colorado on an elk hunting trip with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Joy and Austin spent about a week away from their little guy as they trekked through the beautiful mountains of Colorado trying to bag an elk. The reality couple didn’t go alone, as a few of Joy’s brothers made the trip as well. According to the adorable Instagram snaps that she shared on Saturday, it looks like Joy and Gideon had a sweet mother-son reunion after she made it back home safely.

The first picture had Joy-Anna holding her son up in the air playing with him. The second one had them both posing for the camera as they are standing in front of a log cabin. A few fans asked if that was their new digs, but it is most likely a cabin that is part of Fort Rock Camp where Joy and Austin have their RV camped at for now. She revealed a few months ago that her family-of-three lives in a RV and they are happy with it.

The third photo is an up close shot of Gideon with his mom. The blond-haired boy has Duggar fans commenting on how much he looks like his daddy in that picture. They also can’t get over how healthy and happy Joy-Anna looks.

“You are so beautiful. I swear you should be a model!!! Gideon is just too adorable. Love the pics!!” one follower stated.

Most everyone agreed with their own version of that comment. The 21-year-old mom expressed her excitement over being able to accompany the guys on the hunting trip. She shared gorgeous photos from their time out in the wilderness, and even shared that she was struggling to keep up at times, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. It looks like she had a lot of fun and is grateful for the time away.

It appears that Gideon was staying with some of the Duggar family members while his parents were gone. Joy shared a photo that was taken by Joe and Kendra. It was a snapshot of Gideon with his cousin, Garrett. The two cuties were enjoying spending some time together. Joy did say how much she missed her little man.

The second episode of the new season of Counting On is coming up on Tuesday, October 22.