Nikita Dragun Spills Out Of Criss-Cross Halter Top While Cosplaying ‘Sailor Moon’

Nikita Dragun attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards
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Transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun appears to be getting into the Halloween spirit. The model commanded the attention of her massive following when she took to her Instagram stories a little over 20 hours ago to share an array of clips featuring herself decked out in a Sailor Moon-themed ensemble.

Dragun rocked neon pink hair that was styled similar to that of Chibiusa Tsukino, also known as Sailor Chibi Moon. Nikita’s pink hair, however, was a lot brighter than the light pink tone of the Sailor Moon character she appeared to be cosplaying.

Nikita pulled her Sailor Moon-themed ensemble together with a black criss cross halter top that was just enough fabric to support her busty bosom. The skimpy, barely there top allowed the social media influencer to flaunt, jiggle, and flex the entirety of her cleavage for the camera. Nikita paired her tiny top with a pair of snug black leggings that hugged her curvaceous form in all the right places.

Several of the clips featured Nikita squeezing her arms together to call attention to her busty bosom while making silly faces to the camera. Some clips also featured the YouTuber talking trash with a significant amount of NSFW language. Though, she never made it clear who exactly she was talking to.

“It’s not Halloween yet but boo b*tch every day is Halloween for me,” Dragun cheerfully exclaimed before howling at the camera and flipping her hair in one of the video clips. The clip following this exclamation featured Nikita sticking her tongue while and winking for the camera.

In every video clip, Nikita twisted and flexed her body as she demonstrated her confidence for the camera. As her Instagram followers know, Dragun isn’t afraid to flaunt everything she’s got.

Just 24 hours ago, Nikita shared some more snaps of herself twinning with her mother. The photos featured Dragun and her mother rocking matching outfits as they stood in front of a sports car that was the same shade of vibrant yellow as their snug leather pants.

In the caption of the two photos attached to the post, Nikita gushed about how much she loved her mother and wanted to be “as cool” as she was.

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my mom took these pics of me rawr

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Three days ago, Nikita posted a sexy video clip that recently broke 2 million views as she put her curvaceous backside on display. The video featured what Dragun claimed was herself looking for her glasses (which were clearly in the center of the frame). Dragun could be seen crawling across the floor while popping her booty into the air and demonstrating how flexible she could be.