‘Playboy’ Model Lexi Wood Puts On Leggy Display In Nude Dress

Lexi Wood attends Victoria's Secret Hosts Logo-A-Gogo with Angel Sara Sampaio on May 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Rich Polk / Getty Images

Playboy model Lexi Wood took to Instagram a few hours ago to reveal that she was channeling her own version of Carrie Bradshaw. For those who are unfamiliar with Bradshaw, she became a fashion icon largely thanks to her character in the hit series Sex in the City. One of Carrie’s bolder stylistic choices that commanded attention was referred to by fans as the naked dress. In today’s fashion world, this is also commonly referred to as sheer or nude.

A naked dress is a snug skin-toned dress that is styled in a way that makes it look as if the individual wearing it isn’t wearing anything at all.

Just three hours ago, Lexi posted a two photo collection on her Instagram account of herself rocking her own version of a nude dress. The dress was a darker shade of brown then what might normally fall into the category of a naked dress, but it paired well with her sun-kissed skin and her dark brown locks of hair.

The first of the two photos featured the young model with her backside pressed against a red railing. One of her hands was supporting her tiny frame by holding onto the railing while the other was playfully pushing her brunette locks out of her face. Lexi had her eyes closed with a huge glowing smile across her face. She kicked one of her knees into the air. Her post in combination with the generous slit at the bottom of the dress allowed the bottom to flaunt her toned legs for the camera.

A swipe on the post revealed a fierce secondary snapshot of the Playboy model rocking the small small dress. Lexi had both of her hands placed on her hips with her elbows pointing out. Her knee was still kicked up into the air. This time her eyes were open as she intently gazed into the camera. Her brown locks flowed down one side of her face, over her shoulder, and down her back. Her backside was still planted on the red railing behind her.

Presently, Lexi Wood has 640,000 Instagram followers. This means the young model has gained 2,000 followers since The Inquisitr last reported on her roughly a week ago. Her followers showered the sexy snapshot collection with over 23,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

As was extremely common in the comments of her sizzling snaps, many of her followers were at a loss for words. Some used words like “perfect” and “pretty” to describe the photos. A few even complimented her incredible looking legs. Overall, no one really had anything bad to say about the steamy display of skin.