Blac Chyna Exposes Chest In Sheer Top While Snacking On Cheetos

Blac Chyna wears a sheer dress.
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Blac Chyna got flirty in a couple of her newest Instagram posts, as she posed inside a pantry while wearing a very revealing outfit. Both photos were apparently taken around the same time, as her poses were similar in both of the updates.

The first Instagram post showed Chyna facing the camera straight-on as she rocked the sheer, lace top. It had long sleeves and hugged all of her curves. Thanks to the see-through nature of her outfit, she left little to the imagination. And although she censored herself a little with her hair, it was still a risque look. She held a bag of Cheetos in her left hand and reached into it with her other hand. Blac was seen standing inside a pantry that was stocked with a variety of snacks and kitchen staples.

The second Instagram post showed Chyna popping her right leg, as her thigh tattoos were on display. She still had her hand in the bag of chips. Blac wore her hair down in a middle part and wore light eyeshadow that popped against her skin. She also rocked glossy lipstick and used a darker tone of lip liner.

The first update proved slightly more popular, as she garnered 134,000 likes for it versus the 93,000 likes for her second post.

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Fans left tons of nice compliments for Chyna in the comments section, with many people responding to her flirty captions. In particular, fans responded to her question about their favorite snack.

“Cheetos wit hotsauce on em,” said a fan, whose comment was liked almost 300 times.

“Favorite late night snack is watching you,” said another fan.

But that wasn’t all, with other followers gushing about Blac in creative ways.

“All them snacks I would still pick you,” said a follower.

“She has snacks and she is a snack a whole meal I want to be her,” said another follower.

“D*YumYum!!! Dem Cheetos lookin’ good right about now,” exclaimed a fan.

In addition to the sultry updates, Chyna shared an Instagram video, which was a clip from her reality TV show. It’s called The Real Blac Chyna, and as previously noted by Perez Hilton, it’s packed with lots of drama. Fans can watch the first 13 episodes of the show on the Zeus Network website, with the first episode being free to stream. It deals with the relationship between Blac Chyna and her mom, Tokyo Toni, which fans know has been tumultuous.

Plus, fans that can’t get enough of Blac can also check out an earlier update where she showed off her curvy figure in a small tank top.

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