Tyler Cameron Said He Still Has ‘So Much Love’ For Hannah Brown

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Tyler Cameron won hearts all over the nation during his time on The Bachelorette, starring Hannah Brown. He quickly became a fan favorite not just because of his good looks, but because of his kind and respectful attitude.

In the end, when it came down between Tyler and struggling musician Jed Wyatt, Brown ultimately chose Wyatt, sending Cameron home brokenhearted. When Brown’s engagement ultimately failed, there was some talk of she and Cameron potentially reconciling. Even though a lot has gone on since then, Cameron says he still has a lot of love for Brown, according to Cosmopolitan.

Brown’s engagement to Wyatt ended up being very short lived. When she discovered that he had a girlfriend back home and had only gone on the show to promote his music career, her trust for him was ultimately broken and she ended things.

Later, she and Cameron reconnected for a sit down chat with Chris Harrison. It was during this discussion that Brown revealed she still had feelings for Cameron and would be open to having a drink with him some time and Cameron agreed.

However, during the same week that Cameron was spotted leaving Brown’s house, he was spotted leaving supermodel Gigi Hadid’s house early in the morning. Hadid and Cameron had a brief fling that appears to have since ended. Nevertheless, there may still be hope in regards to Cameron and Brown rekindling their romance if his latest interview is any sign.

In the interview, Cameron discussed his love for Brown, but emphasized that he’s taking things one day at a time.

“We’re friends and I think she’s an incredible girl and I have so much love for her and I want her to be successful and have the best,” he said. “I don’t know about the future. I’m just trying to worry about today and tomorrow, you know?”

Cameron went on to say that a new relationship hasn’t really been his primary focus lately. He’s been preoccupied with his newfound fame and media attention.

“I don’t mean no in a negative way, I’ve just never thought of it. Like, here’s beautiful girls and great girls I’ve met, but I haven’t even thought about dating in that sense. I only know a few of them and they’re all great…But like I said, dating girls is, like, the least of my worries right now.”

Meanwhile, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Brown is busy doing her own thing and performing on Dancing with the Stars. It appears that dating also isn’t her main concentration right now.