‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5, Episode 9: Skeletons Creep Out Of The Closet

The Affair enjoyed a special screening at Gurney's Inn in Montauk.
Mark Sagliocco / Getty Images

The Affair returns to Showtime on Sunday as the complicated story continues to unravel regarding what appears to be a “MeToo” accusation against lead actor Dominic West’s character, Noah Solloway. Last week, the highly regarded television show focused on a friend of Noah’s who had turned up to warn the author that he has been suffering a bad reputation among the movers and shakers of the New York publishing world.

This negative press was reportedly due to his actions after he was released from prison where he served a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, but his ex-wife did.

In the episode, Helen Solloway (Laura Tierney) will be able to give back a bit to Noah since a writer for Vanity Fair had phoned her. The writer presumably wanted to find out how Helen perceives her former husband to be behaving these days. Noah happened to be with Helen when the call came in, but she walked into another room to discuss Noah.

He tried to remain calm when Helen returned.

“That took a while. How did you like Petra?” he asked

“Did you know she was going to call me?” Helen asked.

“No, what did she want?”

Helen hedged, asking about her wine instead of answering his question. When Noah admitted that he poured out the excess because he believed she had finished drinking, she was noticeably miffed.

“I hate when people do that,” she pointedly stated as she poured another glass.

“It was pretty annoying, actually because she said she was just fact-checking and then she just started asking all these questions about our divorce,” she told Noah.

Of course, Noah wanted details so Helen told him she simply said, “No comment.”

He thanked her for replying in that way, and then Helen wanted to know exactly what the article was meant to be about. She said she thought Vanity Fair was covering Noah’s new book. He said that the publisher had pitched the piece to him, calling it “a redemption story” and was allegedly going to be about his new novel and the movie being made about another novel and also about “how [he] made good.”

“Now Petra’s digging around for skeletons like it’s a tabloid piece. Honestly, I am beginning to regret to agreeing to be interviewed in the first place.”

Helen looked suspicious as she asked her former husband whether or not the writer is actually “finding any skeletons.”

“Not about weddings in Montauk, if that’s what you mean,” he said as he looked down.

That particular comment cut deep with Helen since Noah was talking about the time she hit a man with her car and he took responsibility, thus putting him in prison for the hit-and-run. Noah promised that Petra would never know about that incident.

Moving on to other subjects, Helen said Petra was quite inquisitive about Noah’s dating history. She wondered why the woman would care about that and then she cautiously asked whether or not the article was turning into another “MeToo” story.

He denied that, but then immediately admitted that he had contacted the family lawyer and the publisher and his agent about what was going on. He promised the mother of his four children that nothing would happen although she didn’t seem so sure about that — and neither did he.

The Affair airs on Showtime on Sundays.