Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Shows Sideboob In A Blue Outfit

Camila Morrone wears a white dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Camila Morrone shared a new Instagram photo today, and it showed her looking glam in a blue outfit. She tagged the San Diego Film Festival in the captions, as she’s presumably attending events there. The festival has been in full swing since October 15, with tomorrow being the final day.

Morrone was spotted posing in front of white curtains, with her right shoulder facing the camera diagonally. The outfit that she wore featured a small turtleneck with loose fabric on the front and sides. This meant that her sideboob was exposed in the shot.

Camila also wore her hair down in a slicked-back bun, with loose bangs that fell down the right side of her face. She glanced at the camera with her lips slightly parted, and rocked peach eyeshadow and dark eyeliner on her lower lids.

She didn’t wear a necklace but opted for a pair of sparkling earrings. The post has been liked over 57,000 times since it went live, with fans pouring in with their compliments.

“Are you kidding this is gorg,” said a fan.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh she is PERFECT!!!!!” exclaimed another fan.

“SHE IS SO STUNNING, we must rewatch ‘never goin’ back’ for the 6th time,” said a follower.

“Girllll this blue is ur mother freakin colorrrrrr,” said another follower.

“Camila Morrone DiCaprio hehe,” noted an Instagram user, who seems to want to see the pair getting married in the future.

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In addition, Morrone shared another photo five days ago, which showed her posing in the sand at the beach. But unlike the typical bikini pic, Camilla was seen in a sheer dress with a green, abstract design. She sat with her arms outstretched and her knees tucked in beside her. She closed her eyes in the shot, revealing her white eyeshadow that popped against her skin. She pulled her hair back in a slick, low ponytail with a middle part.

Behind Camila, you could see a white shipping container with rust along the top. And further in the distance, you could see what appeared to be a hotel with palm trees.

In the captions, she revealed that the photo was taken for Interview Magazine. She briefly discussed her role in her fourth film, Mickey and the Bear.

“I was like, ‘Holy sh*t, this is really intense,'” she said, describing the serious content of the film.

“My relationship with my dad is nothing like the film, but he is my best friend. Annabelle [Attanasio, the director] really gave me the reins to do whatever I wanted with this character,” she explained.

Plus, for fans that can’t get enough of Morrone, check out her prior post where she showed off her toned abs.

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