Luke Parker Is Calling Out Hannah Brown Yet Again For Not Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex

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No one can forget Luke Parker, who was one of the least popular contestants of the most recent season of The Bachelorette starring Hannah Brown. Brown and Parker had a deep connection that the rest of the men just didn’t understand. He was constantly causing drama in the house, but Brown continued to keep him on the show. It wasn’t until he called her out for having pre-marital sex that she sent him packing.

Parker’s been relatively quiet since the conclusion of the show, but recently opened up yet again about the breakdown of his relationship with Brown. In a recent interview, he called out Brown once again for having sex, according to People.

Parker and Brown were able to bond because they shared common ground in terms of their passion for their faith. However, Parker’s views on sex were clearly different that Brown’s. Parker infamously told Brown that if he found out that she had been intimate with any of the other men on the show, then he would no longer have any interest in continuing a relationship with her and would want to go home.

“Like, if you told me you’re going to have sex or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would be wanting to go home, 100 percent,” he told her.

Brown was shocked and infuriated over the comments, criticizing Parker for suggesting that having had sexual activity would in any way make her less desirable and emphasizing that her sexual history made her no less of a Christian. She went on to say that she’d already had sex with one of the other men. It was later determined that it was Peter Weber with whom she’d been intimate with, in a windmill of all places.

Now Parker is speaking out, saying it wasn’t because Brown had been intimate with someone else that he reacted the way it did. He was upset because she had reportedly emphasized to him that she wanted to wait until marriage for sex. He thought they were on the same page.

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RAW MESSAGE: Haven’t shared much of my personal story from handling being on reality TV. Here is a raw piece. Being home from the bachelorette, I realized how much being on the show impacted my character and personality in public. Coming from a man who struggled growing up with being overly concerned with what others thought of him. (self conscious) Who then over night has a huge following on social media and on top of that is not a star, but a star villain ????????‍♂️ on the show and once home is recognized pretty much everywhere he goes. It has been rough going certain places and getting caught up with what I think everyone is portraying me as before I even meet them. As humans naturally we have this fear of rejection. Bottom line is NO person is perfect. We ALL have STRUGGLES, ISSUES, and PROBLEMS. The reality is, nobody expects you to be perfect. All people truly want from you, is you to just be YOU. Life is too short to not FULL SEND ???? % authentic YOU. Don’t live another day looking back saying I wish I would have just been me and said or acted how I really feel. I know the feeling and it’s not worth doing.. EVER. What has helped me battle with what others think of me is digging in the Bible and being reminded what matters most to me, is what God thinks of me. I’m not living for the approval of man, but living my life for God. Fear is a liar. ???? @chelseavaughnphoto . . . . #Authentic #FullSend #FearIsALiar #YOLO #BeYou #FearNot #Human #Villain #Raw #transparency #struggle #story #leasonlearned #fakeTV #FakeNews #HaterBlockers #Unbroken #unbrokenmentality #bachelorette #bacheloretteabc

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“She told me she shared the same heart and convictions as me and she wanted to abstain from sex before marriage. That’s why I’m so confused and that’s why you see the look on my face when she tells me about the windmill,” Parker said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brown didn’t end up finding lasting love during her stint on the show, but is now focusing on a new challenge, performing on Dancing with the Stars.