Karen Gillan’s Poolside Snap Has Followers Questioning What’s In The Water

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Karen Gillan’s latest poolside Instagram snap has her followers doing a double-take. It isn’t because she’s dripping wet and enjoying a soak in the pool, either. Many fans are confused, as they can’t figure out what the orange-and-yellow substance all over Gillan’s body is — prompting speculation among the actresses’ Instagram followers.

Where did this confusing photo come from anyway?

Turns out, the puzzling poolside photo is a part of a photoshoot from a magazine called The Laterals. Gillan is featured on the cover of the third issue of the magazine. As her six million Instagram followers know, the actress has been steadily sharing snaps of her photoshoots from the magazine over the past 24 hours.

It was just a few hours ago that Gillan took to her Instagram page to share the baffling snapshot. The photo features Gillan going for a dip in the pool. The actress has her elbows up on the poolside wall, with fingers entwined in her wet hair. Her red locks are pushed back out of her face, appearing to have just recently submerged herself in the water.

However, what caught her followers’ attention is the bizarre orange-and-yellow substance that appears to be dripping on both of her arms, shoulders, and torso. The same substance can also be seen floating behind the actress on the surface of the water.

Her followers have theories on what the mysterious substance might be.

In just four hours, Gillan’s followers have showered the snap with nearly 250,000 likes. The post has also received approximately 1,000 comments from fans. The overwhelming majority of Instagram users chattering away in the comments section only have one thing on their minds: What is in the water?

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Unsurprisingly, fans posed a lot of colorful theories.

“That’s a deep fried girl if I ever saw one,” one follower jested.

“At first I thought you [sh*t] in the pool,” another user wrote.

“Thought you had spaghetti noodles on you not gonna lie,” a third fan replied.

One follower jokingly noted that the photo wasn’t a good example of how swimming is supposed to work. The comment was not well-received by other followers, who fired back that they thought Gillan was “doing just fine.”

“You look like you’ve been dipped in a pool of henna ink,” one user commented.

Once Gillan’s followers were able to get a closer look at the snapshot, it became clear that she was simply going for a swim while wearing a dress. The late discovery caused a shift in the chatter, with some fans wondering why the actress was going for a swim while wearing clothing.

Overall, the photo certainly got Gillan’s followers talking.