Spoilers For Next Week On ‘The Young And The Restless’: Chelsea Gives Nick Terrible News

Johnny VyCBS

As seen on The Young and the Restless spoilers video for October 21 to 25, next week appears to be bringing some big problems for Connor. Currently, Nick is in Las Vegas trying to convince Adam to return to Genoa City for the little boy. Plus, Kyle confronts Billy, and Elena gives Devon some wise advice about what to do next.

A tearful Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) calls Nick (Joshua Morrow) in Las Vegas. She lets Nick know that they’re at Memorial, and he wants to know why they’re at the hospital. In the background, Adam (Mark Grossman) looks concerned at hearing the news. Chelsea lets Nick know that something happened with Connor (Judah Mackey). The emergency with Connor could be the thing that convinces Adam to return with Nick.

Although Nick doesn’t want Adam back in town, he does want Connor to be all right. Despite the complicated situation, Nick does whatever he can to ensure that Adam returns to help Connor.

Meanwhile, Kyle (Michael Mealor) is furious that Billy (Jason Thompson) continues to make Kyle prove himself at Jabot. After all, Jack (Peter Bergman) left them both in charge. However, Billy is trying to run over Kyle by not allowing him to take a leadership role at the company.

Recently, Kyle did an excellent job when Jack left him running the cosmetics company. Believing that he deserves more, Kyle stands up for himself and accuses Billy of waiting for him to fail. In the end, Billy agrees with his nephew. Perhaps Billy is just waiting for Kyle to make a mistake, but Kyle isn’t willing to allow his uncle to cut him out of things at Jabot.

Finally, Devon (Bryton James) is beside himself with the information about the will that Cane (Daniel Goddard) found in Las Vegas. Jill warns Devon that the will is actually from Katherine Chancellor. Legally speaking, the statute of limitations is up, which means that Devon is the legal heir of Katherine Chancellor. However, he still wants to see his grandmother’s true wishes carried out — even if he isn’t the one who controls the vast fortune that Katherine left behind.

Elena (Brytni Sarpy) helps Devon deal with the stress he’s been experiencing recently, which is attributed to Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) showing up and looking just like his late wife, Hilary. However, now Elena thinks that Devon needs to talk to somebody else who knew Katherine better. She advises Devon to get Lily’s (Christel Khalil) opinion on the matter.