Carrie Underwood Flashes A Little Cleavage And Looks Pretty In Pink In Instagram Video

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Carrie Underwood might sing about taking a Louisville slugger to smash an unfaithful lover’s souped-up four-wheel drive, but she still struggles with the pronunciation of the Kentucky town’s name. This is something that fans learned in her latest post-concert video.

On Saturday, the “Before He Cheats” singer took to Instagram to share the video, which provided fans with closer looks at some of the stylish outfits she’s been rocking during her Cry Pretty Tour 360. Carrie typically stuns with her sartorial choices, most of which are usually adorned with sparkles of some sort.

In the first look, viewers caught a glimpse of a black-and-silver dress featuring a geometric pattern. The silver segments had been made out of a shiny metallic material so, as Carrie walked, the dress reflected so much light that it looks as if she had been covered in mini mirrors.

The dazzling dress was one of the ensembles that Carrie Underwood wore for her stop in Cleveland, which is where she put on an incredible performance for the CMT Artists Of The Year ceremony.

She also remotely accepted her award from the Cleveland stage while rocking a pair of glittery gold shorts and thigh-high boots. Her CMT Artist of the Year award makes an appearance in her video, but in the clip she was wearing a different outfit as she shows her look for the camera.

In that instance, she was rocking a pink sequined dress with long sleeves and a heart-shaped cutout on the bust. The gorgeous garment was also embellished with long silver fringe on the shoulders and around the cutout. Carrie’s glittery Cry Pretty eye makeup matched the sparkly fringe.

“Oh, I got my award,” she said as she grabbed the glass trophy. “Wow. Guess I’ll be on my way.”

When the video switched over to the Louisville leg of her tour, Carrie Underwood was wearing a silver-and-maroon sequined wrap dress. It featured a low V-neck that allowed a hint of cleavage to be seen while her maroon belt drew attention to her tiny waist. As she was filmed walking down a backstage corridor, Carrie practiced her pronunciation of Louisville, which she initially said correctly before calling the city “Lewis-ville,” “Louis-veel-ay,” and “Loo-a-vool.”

“I just want to get it right. It’s because I love you, that I want to say it right,” Carrie says. “Wish me luck.”

The song “Before He Cheats” played in the background as concert footage was shown, so viewers eventually were able to hear Carrie pronounce the Kentucky city’s name the right way one more time.

At the end of the video, Carrie thanked her fans while wearing a different pink dress. It’s a much darker shade than the outfit she had been wearing earlier, and the frock was also less sparkly than most of her costumes. However, some scattered rhinestones and sequins were visible on the layered top of the dress, which resembles large flower petals. Carrie had also donned a slender jeweled belt to feature her tiny waist.

“Thank you so much, you guys were crazy,” she says. “That was so great.”

For updates on Carrie Underwood’s “Cry Pretty Tour 360,” check out her Instagram page.