Kate Beckinsale Reveals That She Wears Her Daughter’s Underwear And Sniffs Her Socks

Kate Beckinsale has an interesting way of dealing with empty nest syndrome.

Lily Mo Sheen and Kate Beckinsale attend The Pink Party
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale has an interesting way of dealing with empty nest syndrome.

Kate Beckinsale has taken her unique comedic stylings to social media yet again, but some of the Pearl Harbor star’s Instagram followers aren’t quite sure what to make of her humorous but odd confession about what she does when she misses her daughter.

It might be hard to believe, but Kate Beckinsale has a 20-year-old daughter who is currently in college. Lily Mo Sheen, whose father is actor Michael Sheen, is Kate’s only child. Kate rarely mentions her offspring on social meda, but it appears that she was suffering from a bad case of empty nest syndrome on Friday.

The 46-year-old brunette beauty took to Instagram to share her pain with her 3.4 million followers, and she revealed the unusual coping mechanisms she uses to deal with her grief because of her adult child’s absence.

Kate Beckinsale shared a close-up selfie of her flawless face, but only her eyes and nose were visible. She was covering up the lower half of her striking visage with a multi-colored sock.

In her caption, Kate explained that she was “huffing” the item of clothing, which was one of her daughter’s belongings. According to Kate, now that her little girl is all grown up and living on her own, she’s enjoying a “rich and full life” sniffing all the socks in Lily’s sock drawer. Even more bizarrely, Kate claimed that she was wearing every pair of underwear that her daughter had left behind all at once.

However, the thespian didn’t share photographic evidence of this clothing confession. That means it is possible that she was just pulling her followers’ legs.

When Kate Beckinsale gets her Instagram followers all riled up over a clothing-related post, it’s usually because she’s wearing something revealing, like a sheer bustier that looks like lingerie. However, her fans also appreciated her hysterical sock post, rewarding her unique attempt at a mom joke with more than 63,000 likes and numerous laughing emoji. Her followers also had a lot to say about the upload.

“You are not normal,” stated one follower.

“Kate…it’s my professional opinion that you need some better hobbies…” another fan wrote.

“You really are an odd bird,” a third remarked.

However, some of her followers let her know that they appreciated her strange admission.

“Love your weirdness,” commented one admirer

“I like your weird crazy side,” another wrote.

While Kate Beckinsale doesn’t mention Lily on social media all that often, People reports that the actress posted a screenshot of a text exchange she had with her daughter on Instagram earlier this year. In it, Kate asked Lily if she “was doing a lot of cocaine.” This prompted her seemingly bewildered daughter to reply with a series of reassurances that she had not touched the drug.

“I physically couldn’t be doing less cocaine,” one of her responses read.

Kate explained that she sent the text because she had a dream that Lily was doing cocaine, and their conversation ended with Lily branding her mother a “LUNATIC.”

So far, Lily hasn’t responded to her mother’s confession about huffing her socks.