October 19, 2019
WWE News: NXT Superstar Takes Real Shots At Universal Champion Seth Rollins

Quite a bit of controversy has transpired surrounding WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins in the past few weeks, but it isn't over yet. One of the biggest problems came about during the ending of his main event match with Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell for which fans just couldn't stand. Now, Rollins is being called out by a popular superstar on the NXT brand and the words seem much stronger than a storyline.

The match was inside of the demonic cell in which there should always be a winner, but the referee declared it a "No Contest." This sat well with virtually nobody and has since then, a rematch has been set to take place at Crown Jewel in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for which there absolutely must be a winner.

Before that whole debacle, Rollins had an awkward back-and-forth with Sasha Banks on Twitter which seemed to take real-life shots at one another. After that, Rollins deactivated his Twitter account for a while, but he ended up bringing it back after a short period of time.

It's been rather awkward and weird lately, but he is still the WWE Universal Champion and one of the top names in the company. That's why there is a huge spotlight focused on anyone who opposes him and that is especially true if that person is a superstar from another brand such as NXT.

Seth Rollins cuts promo during Monday Night Raw

After the match at Hell in a Cell, Rollins turned his attention to a fan holding up a sign that said he wasn't cool. It was interesting that the champ paid so much attention to it, but he did and even tweeted out about it later in the week.

That being said, Matt Riddle decided to call out the champ and make his true feelings known. Riddle was a recent guest on the Battleground Podcast during which time he was asked about some comments Rollins had recently made about him who even said that the NXT star "sucks."

As transcribed by Ringside News, Riddle decided not to hold anything back and simply said that the champ only wants attention.

"I think he wants attention, but that's cool bro. He went after Sasha and deleted his Twitter account. I don't really mind. My fans are really nice so they're not going to go out and threaten him. I think he's friends with Cole and I think that was mostly it. It's funny because he's said he wanted a match with me before. He said all that and I was like, 'All right, nevermind. I guess I'm not that cool.'"
Matt Riddle is known for mouthing off on social media. He has done so regarding Goldberg and a host of others. For now, Riddle is a member of NXT which means a match against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins isn't in the immediate future. It will be interesting, though, to see if the champ decides to fire back yet again on Twitter.