Christina Milian Credits Her Pregnancy For Giving Her Some Insane Curves And Flaunts Body On Instagram

Sarah MorrisGetty Images

Pregnant actress and singer Christina Milian, whose latest project is the Netflix original film, Falling Inn Love, is all about celebrating her changing body. The beauty hasn’t been shy about sharing snaps of her growing baby bump in workout gear, skintight dresses, and other outfits as she embraces her new curves.

The bombshell recently shared a triple Instagram update that seemed to have her 5.5 million social media followers practically drooling over her appearance. In the caption of the post, the beauty confessed to her fans that she credits her growing child for giving her new curves that she is totally digging.

In the first snap, Milian posed in a simple black tank with a scoop neckline that revealed major cleavage. She kept her accessories simple, with her bling including a pair of delicate earrings and a choker necklace. Also, despite the fact that she was outside, she rocked a pair of black aviator sunglasses that added a bit of edge to her vibe. Her hair was down in and worn in voluminous curls as she took a snap in a backstage areawith what appeared to be a digital camera. A simple 0ff-white cinder block wall provided the perfect backdrop for her new body to be on full display.

In the second snap, Milian posed while slightly angling her body. A soda machine was visible in the snap behind her, which must have been the inspiration for the beauty to compare her changing curves to a Coke bottle. Again, her tank revealed plenty of cleavage as the babe slightly parted her lips to add a sultry feeling to the shot.

The singer had an athletic jacket hanging off of her arms in the second snap, and in the final shot, she pulled that jacket on over her tank.

Her followers couldn’t get enough of the sizzling hot snaps that the mama-to-be shared, and the post received over 35,800 likes within just one hour. Her fans filled the comments section with compliments and couldn’t get over her curves.

“Beautiful as always,” one follower said.

“preggers or not no one has any business being that beautiful,” another fan commented.

“Incredible mama curves,” stated yet another admirer.

Possibly because they could not find the right words for the steamy shots, many of the star’s followers simply left a string of emoji in the comments section.

Though she’s pregnant, Milian isn’t letting that stop her from hitting the stage. She recently shared a snap of herself looking absolutely stunning as she performed in a low cut animal print dress.