WWE News: Legend Speaks Out On The Firing Of Eric Bischoff From ‘SmackDown’


Major changes have occurred in the WWE world over the course of the last month, and most have happened to the blue brand. Yes, Friday Night SmackDown now airs on a new night and on a new network in FOX, but there is so much more. This past week, Eric Bischoff was fired as executive director of the brand after only a few months on the job with a legend having decided to speak out about the whole situation.

When it was announced that WWE had made Paul Heyman the executive director of Monday Night Raw, it didn’t come as a huge surprise. Heyman has long been a major part of WWE in the backstage world as well as on camera with Brock Lesnar.

Over on SmackDown, shockwaves were felt through the wrestling community as Eric Bischoff was brought back for that position on that show. There have been rumors during the past few months that Bischoff was not doing too well, that he was not doing very much, and that he could not even learn all the names of the superstars.

This week, circumstances finally reached the boiling point. Bischoff was released by WWE and taken out of his position as lead of SmackDown and legendary Bruce Prichard was immediately announced as his replacement.

Bruce Prichard appears as Brother Love in WWE.
Featured image credit: WWE

Prichard had something to say about the entire matter.

On this week’s episode of Something To Wrestle, he spoke out about everything that has gone on in the past week. Even though it may seem like there would be bad blood between the former and the new executive director of SmackDown, Prichard says that the two remain friends.

While speaking to his listeners, Prichard wanted everyone to keep in mind that wrestling is a business with real people in it. Those people have real lives outside of the ring and off of the camera, as his words relayed via Ringside News.

“I think he’s one of the nicest guys, and he also is a human being. So when you sit there and you make comments through a keyboard, or through your phone. And it’s a faceless, just random thing. Remember that you’re making comments about human beings. And you’re making comments about real people that have families. And real people that yes, we’re in the public eye and I get that. And to a certain point, say and do whatever the hell it is you want to do.”

Bruce Prichard went on to say that he believes Eric Bischoff will be alright and bounce back as “he ain’t dead!” At the end of the show, Prichard wished his friend luck in business, in life and with hopes that fans will respect Bischoff for the person he is and not for what transpired during the last few months.

Friday Night SmackDown has taken a top seat for WWE in the past few weeks and now is time for it to step up. It has now been proven that whatever steps are necessary to make that happen, the company is going to do it.