‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Flaunts Booty In Tight Leggings On Runyon Canyon Hike

Yanet Garcia takes a selfie.
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Bombshell Yanet Garcia, who many fans refer to as the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” is constantly flaunting her incredible curves for her 11.8 million eager Instagram followers. The beauty shares a wide variety of outfits, from mini dresses that cling to every curve and barely cover her booty to bikinis that leave little to the imagination.

In particular, Garcia spends a lot of time in workout gear, rocking sports bras that show off her cleavage and toned abs. She also wears leggings and yoga pants so tight they look painted on.

In her latest Instagram update, Garcia decided to slip into workout gear and head to Runyon Canyon, a spot incredibly popular with celebrities and fit Southern Californians in general. The beauty rocked a black-and-gray workout ensemble that showed off her insane body to perfection.

She started off with a pair of tight leggings that clung to every inch of her curves in a high-waisted fit that emphasized her tiny waist. She added a matching sports bra, and decided against adding a shirt or tank for her hike. For the endeavor, Garcia slipped on a pair of running shoes, aviator sunglasses, and a backwards black baseball cap to keep the sun off her head. She opted to leave her brunette locks down and flowing rather than pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

She took the snap while posing on the trail at a spot that overlooked gorgeous property, including beautiful homes, lush greenery, rolling hills and the iconic Hollywood sign in the far distance.

Garcia’s followers couldn’t get enough of the fit selfie, and the post received over 46,000 likes within just 17 minutes.

One fan from Los Angeles was surprised to see the location of her post, and commented “you’re in my town! Are you making any appearances…?”

“Imagine seeing that irl,” another fan added.

“Amazing view,” one follower said, although the fan failed to clarify whether she was talking about the Los Angeles hills or Garcia’s body.

“Always looking beautiful chica,” another fan commented.

Many of her followers also commented in Garcia’s native Spanish, or simply left a string of emoji to express their thoughts.

While Garcia often flaunts her toned abs when she’s hitting the gym or getting her sweat on, she’s also not afraid to show off this part of her body while wearing regular attire. A few days ago, the beauty shared a snap in which she rocked cargo pants and a white eyelet crop top. She noted she was doing her job, reporting the weather at Hoy Television. She even had a microphone clipped to the neckline of her top.