Vanessa Hudgens Gets Groped By Skeleton Hand In Foggy Colorless Snapshot

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Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram early this morning to command the attention of her massive following with a Halloween-themed snapshot that oozed sexy and spooky vibes. The foggy, colorless snap featured the 30-year-old singer-actress rocking a strapless bustier bodysuit with matching elbow-length velvet gloves.

Hudgens pulled the spooky ensemble together with sad clown style eye make-up and thick dark lips. The highlight of the photo that drew the most attention was not the way the snug bustier hugged the starlet’s body. Instead, the focal point of the photo was the vibrant skeletal hands firmly placed on either side of her busty bosom. At first glance, Vanessa appears as if she is being groped by a skeleton.

After getting a closer look at the photo, her followers realized her bust wasn’t the only part of her body being fondled by skeletal hands. Her upper thigh, which is located right in the middle of the bottom of the frame, had a skeletal face resting on it. On either side of the skull, two additional skeletal hands looked as if they were groping her thigh as well.

According to the caption of this eye-catching snapshot, Vanessa enjoyed rocking her Halloween-themed ensemble. However, she wasn’t a big fan of the fog from the smoke machine nearby that was slowly swallowing her. In fact, her caption suggested she wanted to find the smoke machine and turn it off.

The photo revealed Hudgens was at some sort of Halloween party since traces of individuals wearing other costumes could be seen lurking behind her image. The actress had her hands placed behind her head with her elbows pointing out to look like she had been dancing.

Presently, Vanessa has an Instagram following of 35.8 million. So, the image doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that, while the photo has only been live on her profile for six hours, the post was well-received. In fact, her followers showered the upload with more than 140,000 likes and more than 250 comments. Statistically, this means the photo has been accumulating roughly 23,000 likes and 41 comments per hour since being published to her profile.

“This is one of your best costumes. Just had to state that fact,” one fan gushed in the comments.

Responding to her caption, one of her followers jokingly admitted that they would rather find her than find the smoke machine or the light.

Many appeared to be at a loss for words as they stuck to single word comments including “pretty,” “beautiful,” and “queen.” Some opted to chase those simple comments with a few emoji.

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She must be a witch ????????????????

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While the overwhelming majority had nothing but positive things to say, she did have a few negative comments. The negative comments didn’t blast the photo but suggested they were confused by the photo as they asked what was going on.

As her massive following knows, the actress has really been feeling the upcoming holiday. Notably, she’s been sharing spooky black-and-white snaps for a few weeks now.