October 19, 2019
'Jersey Shore' Stars Mike And Lauren Sorrentino Show Off Fit Bodies In Sizzling Selfie

Jersey Shore stars Mike Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, seem to have added a new activity to their newlywed repertoire — gym time.

Back in his younger years, Mike was a huge gym buff who was constantly showing off his chiseled abs for the camera and hitting the bench with his boys. Then, through some personal struggles, he put on a few pounds and become more obsessed with food than the weight room. However, a stint in prison has given Mike the chance to focus on himself and whip his body back into shape — and he looks like a totally new man.

His wife, blond bombshell Lauren, has also been working on her fitness while her husband was away. Lauren's followers will have seen her sharing post-workout selfies and snippets from her Pilates classes to Instagram as of late.

It seems the duo are on a fitness journey together, as they've been seen flaunting their gains while in each other's company. They did just that in a recent Instagram update, one which both of the reality stars shared to their accounts.

In the shot, Lauren rocked a black tank top that revealed an insane amount of cleavage and some black sweatpants with white stripes down the side. She looked casual yet stunning with her glasses on and her hair pulled back in a messy bun.

Mike likewise rocked a black tank top beneath an olive green vest, and flexed his considerable biceps for the camera. The duo appeared to have found the opportunity to take a selfie while in the elevator. The geotag of the post indicated that the duo were staying at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills.

Mike's followers loved the selfie, and the post received over 99,500 likes within just one day. His fans filled the comments section with praise and encouraging words.

"Y'all are amazing!! Inspiration Situations. Keep on keeping on Mike!" one follower said.

"One of my favorite couples!" another follower commented.

"Lookin' swole Sitch," one fan said, impressed by all the gains the reality star has made over the past few months.

One follower missed seeing Mike on her television screen week after week, and told him "I can't wait till you come back to the J shore!! I haven't laughed as much since you've been off the show."

Another admirer made sure to compliment Mike's wife, writing "Laurens is such a beautiful woman. You two are about to have some gorgeous babies!"

The duo have been sharing some cute selfies together as of late, including one wherein they showcased some seasonal spirit by heading out to a pumpkin patch.