Bikini Bombshell Kindly Myers Exposes Bare Chest In Sexy Topless Instagram Photo

Kindly Myers takes a selfie
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Kindly Myers has gone fully topless. The ex-soldier, model, and social media sensation is best-known for her stunning bikini and bathing suit photos: Kindly even rolled down her swimsuit earlier this year for a snap that drove her fans completely wild. The blond bombshell has posted a new image over on her Instagram, one which is likely a treat for her admirers.

Today’s photo appeared professionally shot, with the star seen fairly close up. Kindly had ditched all of her clothing, appearing in nothing but a necklace with a purple pendant. The star was flaunting her massive cleavage in a pretty prominent way, although carefully-placed elbows did protect Kindly’s modesty. The model appeared bathed in natural sunlight, although the background behind her was blurred, with fans only seeing a gray backdrop. A Playboy mention suggested that the model will be featuring in the Slovakian issue of the magazine.

Kindly looked directly at the camera with a piercing gaze, although she did deliver hints of her beautiful smile. The model sported a full face of makeup, an application including smooth foundation, warming bronzer, and discreet, slightly smoky eye makeup. Kindly’s long blond hair was worn down, cascading down her back.

A caption from the model announced her magazine feature this month alongside credits for her photographer.

Kindly’s career as a model really seems to be taking off. The star is loved for her fierce beauty and sensational curves, although fans of Kindly also appear to adore her for having served in the military. The star was in the army for four years. Kindly even offered fans a reminder of her military past yesterday, with a swimsuit photo showing her brandishing a rifle in one hand.

For the most part, though, photos of Kindly show her rocking sexy swimwear or lingerie, with the occasional pair of Daisy Dukes being seen.

Kindly was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The star appears to have opted out of moving to California – plenty of Instagram models seem to have done just that – with the blonde residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Speaking to Rambling Beach Cat, Kindly mentioned her birthplace.

“I grew up on the Ky/Tn border; I went to high school there in a very small town. After school, I moved to Nashville to get out of there and see what the city had to offer,” the model said.

Kindly has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to stay updated on the star’s sexy snaps should give her Instagram account a follow.