Latina Fitness Model Dolly Castro Shows Off Thick Thighs, Big Booty & Rock-Hard Abs In Simple Sweats

Dolly Castro takes a selfie.
Dolly Castro / Instagram

Latina fitness model Dolly Castro doesn’t need to wear a skimpy outfit to capture attention on Instagram. The Nicaraguan native has been showing off her awesome figure in an array of smoking hot outfits, proving that less doesn’t always mean more.

The 35-year-old looked sensational in her latest social media share. While the rest of the world may look dowdy in a a pair of simple sweats, Dolly manages to make the humble ensemble look sensational. In fact, Dolly looked like a svelte siren as she posed for the camera.

The mother of one wore a taupe tracksuit that seductively hugged her curves. While the hooded sweater was long-sleeved and would otherwise be rather ordinary, the wow factor of the top was definitely that the garment was cropped to show off Dolly’s midriff. Her fans, who seemingly cannot get enough of her rock-hard abs, lavished the fitness model with praise.

“That’s the chick I’d like on my team!!!” said one, while another quipped, “Beautiful body.”

Dolly has previously mentioned that she worked hard for her thick thighs and bountiful booty. The sweatpants clung to her legs and showed off her assets to perfection. She wore the pants just about at her belly button and fastened the drawstrings in such a way that the pants emphasized her ridiculously small waist.

This social media influencer’s accessories were also on point. She styled her look with gold hoop earrings, olive green sneakers, and a fierce black handbag with a gold chain that screamed attitude. The model knows how to pair the casual with the elegant for a trendy chic look.

Dolly credited Pretty Little Thing for her outfit which had a black-and-white print running down the side. In her caption, she also mentioned that she had just sent off the previous day’s little black dress as part of a giveaway. She also hinted that she wanted to gift more of her slinky outfits.

The bombshell has a massive following of more than 6.2 million fans who closely follow her every post. This particular image has already racked up more than 26,000 likes while many of her fans also took time to leave her a sweet comment. The majority of her admirers were excited about another possible giveaway while others complimented her on her stunning looks.

Dolly is not only an Instagram star, but she has also launched her own sportswear fashion line, called Bars and Branches. Her teenage daughter, Karen, is one of the brand’s ambassadors and she already has a firm following of her own.