WWE News: The Miz On How Fatherhood Will Impact His WWE Future


The Miz has regularly played a dastardly heel on WWE television, but outside of the ring, he’s a loving family man who has taken a strong liking to his recent foray into fatherhood.

During an interview with Metro, the former World Champion revealed that he always wants to be around his daughters, while also joking about how one of his children helps him get a good workout whenever he doesn’t feel like going to the gym.

“Being a father has changed everything because I miss my daughters all the time, non-stop. Whenever I’m not with them, I’m thinking of them. Honestly, I’m one of those dads that loves holding my daughters. I love rocking both of them — even though Monroe’s getting heavy, it kinda helps me with working out!”

The Miz is a WWE veteran these days, even though he’s still only 39-years-old and has plenty of gas left in the tank. Despite him stating that he misses his daughters whenever he’s not around them, he doesn’t have any plans to give up his day job any time soon.

“I’m working as hard as I possibly can to make sure my two daughters — as well as my wife and myself — get to lead the life that we love to lead.”

Miz is one of WWE’s most useful assets, so the company will be happy to know that he has no intention of retiring in the near future. He’s a regular fixture on WWE television as a wrestler and onscreen personality, and his “Miz TV” segments are frequently used to enhance storylines between superstars.

As quoted by ComicBook, he appeared on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown to probe Bayley about her recent heel turn, where she revealed that she’s tired of being a role model to fans because “life sucks.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, Miz also hosted the recent segment between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, which set up the match between their respective teams at Crown Jewel. In the days following the segment, however, it was revealed that several WWE stars refuse to work with the “Hulkster” due to his controversial past.

The Miz hasn’t been a part of any strong storylines of his own recently, but he has been a babyface on television these past few months and the star of his own reality show with his wife, Maryse. However, fans will undoubtedly want to see him featured in a notable wrestling rivalry in the coming weeks.