October 19, 2019
Miley Cyrus Rocks Matching White T-Shirts With Cody Simpson In Instagram Video

Miley Cyrus recently gave her 100 million Instagram followers a great gift: a brand new alarm clock for everyone.

In the clip that the "Party In The USA" singer shared, her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, played a few simple cords on his sparkly guitar, and Cyrus sang "rise and shine." In the video, the Black Mirror actress wore a simple white T-shirt without a bra, and she was securing her hair atop her head with a rubber band.

Just a hint of her taut stomach was visible in the footage, and Cyrus wore several necklaces and bracelets along with earrings in her ears. The new couple appeared to match because Simpson also wore a simple white T-shirt.

Miley's followers adored the short video of her singing. In less than an hour, 1.9 million people hit the "like" button to show their appreciation for the lovely wake up sound she gave everyone. Almost 5,000 people also left a supportive comment for the singer who's recently experienced two breakups. One from her husband of seven months, Liam Hemsworth. The other from girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, whom Cyrus dated for about a month after she split from Hemsworth.

In addition to her breakups, Cyrus also recently underwent hospitalization for tonsillitis, and Simpson visited her there.

"Aww, your voice is so nice," a fan enthused.

"Love it. Rise and shine," replied another.

"This could be an anthem," a third suggested.

Several people plan to use the clip exactly as Miley intended as their wake up sound.

"OMG, I love you, thanks for my new alarm," gushed a follower.

Cyrus sang the song after Kylie Jenner sang it to her daughter, Stormi, according to a report from Pop Culture. Previously, Cyrus also shared a clip of Jenner singing the simple lyrics, and she turned it into a fictional scene from The Voice.

In her Instagram story, Cyrus revealed that Simpson released a new single called "Golden Thing," which she had previewed before in her videos from when she was in the hospital. The clip of the song she shared also featured a picture of Miley's throat with several gold chains and pieces of her golden hair next to her sun-kissed skin.

Later, the singer shared a video of herself with Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix doing the choreography to Lady Gaga's song, "Bad Romance," which Cyrus sang the lyrics to.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Cyrus and Simpson went on a coffee run together, and they've been spending a lot of time together.