Michael Moore To Officially Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

On Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will receive another high-profile endorsement.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore revealed in a Friday tweet that he will be officially endorsing Sanders for president of the United States. As he noted in his post, Moore will join Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Sanders’ Queensbridge Park “Bernie’s Back” rally.

“I am joining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tomorrow to officially & publicly endorse a true hero of the people, Senator Bernie Sanders, as our next President of the United States!”

“I will speak tomorrow for him at his “Bernie Is Back!” rally at 1pm in Queensbridge Park in NYC. Join us!” Moore added.

The legendary filmmaker endorsed Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary, backing the Vermont senator over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

In a blog post published on michaelmoore.com, explaining his 2016 endorsement, the documentary maker revealed that he had first endorsed Sanders in 1990, helping him win a seat in the House of Representatives. Since then, he has been a strong supporter of the Vermont Independent.

In the blog post, Moore also touched upon the key differences between Sanders and Clinton, praising the senator as a champion of progressive policies, while pointing out that Clinton had supported the NAFTA trade deal as well as the Iraq war, and opposed same-sex marriage.

Moore considered Clinton a weak general election candidate, and frequently argued — pointing to polls — that Sanders would be a much better choice.

Moore’s endorsement comes at the right time for Sanders as his campaign regains momentum, following a strong debate performance. The Vermont senator has also received multiple endorsements from the most prominent progressive politicians in the country.

Along with Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is throwing her support behind Sanders, and Michigan progressive Rashida Tlaib is expected to do the same.

Much like in 2016, polls suggest that Sanders would be a strong candidate in the general election. For instance, a new poll from Emerson College suggests that Sanders is the only Democratic candidate that can beat Donald Trump in Iowa.

In hypothetical head-to-head matchups, Trump beats every Democrat except Sanders, who has a two-point advantage. However, in order to even have a shot at challenging the president, Sanders has to win the Democratic primary, where he appears to be a weaker candidate than he would be in the general election.

According to recent polling, former vice president Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren are ahead of Sanders.

The Vermont senator has managed to build an impressive, racially-diverse coalition of young and working-class voters, but in order to win the nomination, according to analyses, he needs to expand his voter pool.