October 19, 2019
Lisa Rinna Strips Down To See-Through Underwear On Instagram, Kelly Ripa Notices It

Lisa Rinna's Instagram activity has been noticed by Kelly Ripa. It's been one day since The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star delivered her first lingerie post. The closet selfie of Lisa came with its own drama, as one fan called Lisa "a million years old." Lisa jokingly confirmed that she was, indeed, that old, with the star even following that pic with another photo.

Lisa's photo showed her in the same pink bra and panties that she rocked for her first image. The setting was slightly different, though. While the first image was a selfie from inside Lisa's closet, the second seemed to suggest that someone else was holding the camera.

Lisa was posing in an undisclosed room, with the star offering a slightly better view of her lingerie. In fact, it looked like the bra was somewhat see-through, with fans seeing quite a lot more chest than they had in the closet selfie.

The caption used by the star focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month; clearly, it means a lot to Lisa. The star's photo also showed her delivering a bit of a pout and posing with her arms held up to her head.

While the photo has racked up over 30,000 likes in a day, it seemed to attract Kelly Ripa's attention; the 50-year-old left Lisa a like.

The interactions between Kelly and Lisa are quite something on Instagram. Earlier this month, Lisa posted a raunchy dance in her sweatpants set to Michael Jackson music, with the Live! with Kelly and Ryan host leaving her a like. Lisa then followed her video with some dancing to Harry Styles, and this one got a direct comment from the daytime talk show host.

Lisa's Instagram does seem to showcase her fun-loving vibe. The dancing videos are pretty regular, with some even featuring the star in a bikini. The videos are usually low-frills, with Lisa posing makeup-free and without any professional photography. The low-key approach is something that Lisa has mentioned in a conversation with Interview that also featured Denise Richards."I don't have a glam squad, either. I've kind of amassed one over the past five years, but I'm very much like Denise. I'm a casual girl during the day, and I think as you go along in this experience, and when a cast member like Erika [Jayne] comes along, or Dorit [Kemsley], and they raise the bar so high in the style game, you feel an obligation to raise the bar," Lisa said.

Fans of Kelly Ripa will likely know why the blonde left Lisa a like -- humor-loving celebrities are into other humor-loving celebrities.