‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Felicia Enlists Robert’s Help To Bring Anna Home To Finn

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Anna Devane has been away for months, and on Monday’s General Hospital, Felicia will be bringing her concerns to Robert Scorpio. Anna’s ex will be approached by his sister-in-law to step in to find her and bring her home to her fiance, Finn.

As seen this past week, Finn had expressed his feelings to Alexis Davis about Hayden being in town while Anna is gone. She encouraged him to call his fiance and let her know that he needs her home. That is exactly what he did, but Anna is busy tracking down her twin, Alex, and that, for now, is her first priority. Felicia, who debuts her brand new hairdo on Monday, knows all too well how driven Anna is, which is why she wants Robert to intervene, as a new General Hospital preview clip (via ABC) reveals.

Anna told Felicia during a phone call that she had talked to Finn, but that it was an “awkward” conversation after he told her that he wanted her to come home. Now Felicia is concerned that her absence is hurting her relationship with Finn and she wants to do something about it. She also may want Robert to do something to bring Anna home.

In the preview clip, Robert does not appear keen on doing that. He may just want to step back and see how this all plays out. Once Hayden Barnes swept into town, Robert gave Finn a warning about not hurting his ex-wife. Robert has seen the sparks fly between him and Hayden whenever they are together, so he made sure that Finn knew that he was watching him.

Finn is getting suspicious, wondering if Hayden is lying about miscarrying their baby. He is expected to meet with her next week as well. Will he bluntly ask her about the baby and if she is telling him the truth? According to a previous spoiler reported on by The Inquisitr, Hayden has been struggling to keep the truth from Finn, as she has been stumbling lately. Even Jax knows the truth and has encouraged her to tell Finn about his daughter.

Finola Hughes has been back on set filming after her extended summer vacation, so Anna will be returning to Port Charles in the midst of the mess soon enough. Will Finn know the truth that he has a daughter with Hayden before Anna has the chance to get back into town? That will surely put more of a strain on their relationship.

Robert may be secretly hoping that things won’t work out between Anna and Finn. However, he just wants her to be happy. Finn will have to deal with Robert if he ends up back with Hayden.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.